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  • Rebounding And Yoga - Getting Some Air

    In this Fun and Energetic Rebounding and Yoga practice #8, we have an opportunity to get some air! It's just an option of course! I am using the Leaps and Rebounds 48" Rebounder & Love it! It's the perfect size for me to do Rebounding AND Yoga! If you're on a smaller Rebounder, be very mindful when doing the yoga poses section. Always listen to your body and your breath and find variations as you need to. Thanks for watching! Remember to Like and Subscribe! @pamelaoyoga ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Pamelaoyoga Disclaimer- Please consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. By participating in this practice or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and hold harmless Pamelaoyoga LLC from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of Pamelaoyoga’s negligence. ********** Want to take your YouTube channel to the next level? Get Tube Buddy! ********** yoga, pamelaoyoga, yoga for stress relief, reduce tension, yoga for better health, rebounding, leaps and rebounds, beginner rebounding workout, rebounding workout, bounce fitness, fun fitness, rebounder workout senior, full body workout, mini trampoline fitness, cardio fun, yoga stretching, rebounder yoga, rebounder yoga workout, beginner friendly, lymphatic health, grow stronger day by day, workout at home, low impact cardio workout, rebounding workout beginner, trampoline workout. She is using our 48 inch Purple Rebounder.
    BY Pamelaoyoga
  • TikTok Dance Party 15 minute full body workout

    This rebounding workout is all about having a dance party to TikTok 2022 hits. Trampoline fitness is the workout for you if you're ready to find joy in movement and see results that will last a lifetime. She is using our 48-inch Blue Rebounder.
    BY Jump&Jacked
  • 20 Min Rebounding Cardio Workout

    No choreography or coordination needed for this trampoline cardio workout. The moves are simple and straight to the point! We will go through 20 different moves for twenty minutes of cardio with no repeats. This class is made for a newer trampoline jumper or someone who doesn't want to think too much and just straight up break a sweat! "Basic" doesn't mean easy ;) My favorite rebounder use this code LB10 for a 10% discount to be automatically applied at checkout: Lidsay is using our blue 40 rebounder.
    BY Pilates On Demand with Lindsay
  • Lymphatic Flow Immune System Boosting Mini Trampoline Routine - 20 Min Rebounding Class - All Levels

    Rebound your way to a healthy lymphatic system and vibrant well-being! 🤸‍♀️✨ Experience the incredible lymphatic benefits of rebounding, as the gentle yet invigorating bouncing motion helps stimulate lymph flow, detoxify your body, and boost your immune system. Discover the ultimate wellness secret that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to conquer the day! She is using our pink 48 rebounder.
    BY Rebounding For Health And Fitness

    This rebounder workout is a quick ReHIT style workout on the mini trampoline. It is easy to follow. You will burn fat and have FUN. This type HIIT workout consists of 2-3 sets of 20-30 seconds of intense work followed by 2 min of recovery. Let's GO. Today's REHIT Move: SPRINT REBOUNDING ReHIT stands for reduced exertion high-intensity interval training. Studies have proven that REHIT is more powerful and time effective at improving your cardiovascular health. Work smarter, not harder. Let's do this... It's AMAZING, put on your favorite music and just follow me. Renee is using our 40 blue rebounder.

    BY Renee Lynne
  • 10 Min Beginner Mini Trampoline | Low Impact Cardio

    Welcome to the rebounder! This Basic Bounce routine is for a beginner who is new to the trampoline. We will work on alignment and getting you comfortable and confident on the rebounder. In this workout each move is 1 minute long and we will go through ten different moves. Looking forward to breaking a sweat with you! My favorite rebounder use this code LB10 for a 10% discount to be automatically applied at checkout: she is using our 40 blue rebounder.

    BY Pilates On Demand with Lindsay
  • 10 Minute Small Trampoline Workout for Beginners

    Hey guys Lindsay here! This 10 Minute Small Trampoline Workout for Beginners is a basic level rebounder routine that will give you a great cardio workout on the rebounder! This exercise routine will help you feel confident and comfortable jumping on your rebounder. I will give you detailed instruction on rebounder exercise form and what muscles you should be feeling. This class will also be a great balance workout for beginners. I hope you enjoy this workout and feel successful and sweaty at the end. If you do like this quick rebounder workout for beginners please subscribe to my channel it's 100% free. Lindsay is using our 40 blue rebounder.
    BY Pilates On Demand with Lindsay
  • Beginner Rebounder Cardio-Power Playlist

    Full 30 minute cardio workout with a playlist of some of the biggest powerhouses of Pop Music: Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Beyonce! 

    Please consult your doctor before beginning any new type of exercise.

    Equipment needed: Rebounder, water, towel, heart rate monitor

    Haven't purchased your rebounder yet? Leaps and Rebounds: Use code BFB10 for 10% off! 

    BY Bounce Fit Babe
  • Newbie Rebounder Workout | 7 Exercises You Need To Get Started

    I use the Leaps & Rebounds Rebounder. Highly Economical and a BEAUTIFUL BOUNCE: Simply click on this LINK and 10% is taken off any order: ----- Join The Private Rebounding For Health And Fitness Rebounding Group Today!   / reboundingforhealth   –––– This BEGINNER REBOUNDER WORKOUT SERIES is a 5 video workout series. This series is recommended if you are new to rebounding, coming back from illness, needing low impact and wanting to improve balance. I will take you through 7 beginner exercises with a detailed explanation concerning proper form, technique, and modifications. Angie is using our 48 red rebounder.
    BY AngieFitnessTV

    CARDIO WORKOUT | GET FIT WITH ME - DAY 24 HOME WORKOUT Rebounder Tabata Workout. She is using our 40 green rebounder.

  • Kick Start Rebounding Series, Suitable for All Abilities

    FANTASTIC SERIES FOR ALL ABILITIES AND AGES. Day 1 and welcome to our Kick Start Series. We are kicking things off with a rebounding routine that we will add onto as we go. This is going to be perfect to get the endorphins flowing and make you remember why you bought a rebounder in the first place!

    As with all of our workouts, take it at your own pace and have a rest or water breaks where you feel it’s necessary. If you have any injuries, medical conditions or you are not used to physical activities, please consult your doctor before taking part in any exercise.

  • 15 Minute Beginner Rebounder Workout

    This trampoline routine is great for a person new to the rebounder or for someone who wants a simple routine to get the body moving and the blood flowing. 
    BY Lindsay Rosebush
  • 20 Mins BEGINNERS, Low Impact Rebounding Circuit

    I have created this workout so that it is perfect if you are just starting out on your rebounding journey.  We have 20 different exercises and will perform each move for 40 seconds and rest for 20 seconds.

    If you are using this as a Low Impact day then you can make this as challenging as you want by using the push technique and more emphasis on your arms.

    Take things at your own pace and remember to have fun.

  • How To Use Mini Trampoline Rebounder as A Power Walk Jog | Perfect for Cardio Conditioning | 28 Min

    In this 28-minute workout, you'll use the mini trampoline rebounder to improve your cardio conditioning and improve your balance.

    If you're looking for a fun and challenging cardio workout, then this is the workout for you! By using the mini trampoline rebounder, you'll not only improve your cardio conditioning, but you'll also increase your balance and agility. This workout is perfect for people of all fitness levels!

    BY Paul Eugene
  • New Bouncer - Low Impact (Pitbull Theme)

    A high-intensity interval training workout at the intermediate level with two different circuits!
  • Trampoline Workout For SENIORS and BEGINNERS

    If you're an active ager or returning to fitness after a long absence, this rebounding workout video is for you! 20 minutes start to finish!

    I go through the foundational moves and how to perform them correctly. I give MODIFICATIONS for every exercise.

  • Express Cardio with Bounce N’ Burn

    Today's workout is a low-impact new bouncer beginner workout that is going to be perfect if you are still trying to get familiar with your equipment or if you want minimal impact. Handlebars are optional. Today is Pitbull theme, sing along if you know the words! 
  • 20 Minute REBOUNDER Workout For WEIGHT LOSS

    If you have been rebounding for a while and ready for a challenge then this rebounding workout video is for you! 20 minutes start to finish!

    This is a CIRCUIT STYLE class where we will alternate cardio bouncing exercises with body weight exercises for a full fat calorie burning workout.

  • Easy Mini Trampoline Walk & Tone | Seated Stretch & Meditation | 35 Min

    Easy Mini Trampoline Rebounding Walk & Tone with seated Stretching and Mediation is a low impact exercise workout done on a mini trampoline or rebounder. This is a basic beginners and senior level exercise workout. The workout features walking on the trampoline with lite dumbbells between 1 and 2 pounds. There are intervals of doing the basic health bounce with marching and walking. This is followed by seated stretching and meditation on the mini trampoline. This great for beginners, seniors, baby boomers, generation x and anyone else who wants to bounce their way to heath. Some Benefits: Lowers elevated cholesterol levels Reduces Cellulite Helps with Balance Helps release stress Helps built muscle strength and toning Weight Loss
  • 5-18 Minutes Beginners & Older Adults Gentle Rebounding 120BPM on a Rebounder, Mini Trampoline

    Todays Beginners / Older Adults Gentle Rebounding class has our feet in a fixed position and continuous contact with the mat. This workout is perfect if you are just getting onto rebounding or if you have balance issues and want to do some gentle bouncing. Ideal if you have certain medical conditions, this class can be adapted so you use a balance bar or something stable to hold on to.


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  • Low Impact Rebounding (suitable for beginners)

    Todays workout is perfect on 2 levels. One this is suitable for any beginner who wants to familiarise themselves with basic moves and get used to the Rebounder. Secondly, this can also be used as a rest day workout. We all have those days where we don't want anything too strenuous but we still want to do something. Well then search no further and try this workout. We have 7 simple exercises that will allow you to perfect your push technique and really become aware of what you are doing on the Rebounder. Think about each teaching point I give and use that minute and become one with your trampoline. Each move is performed for 1 minute and repeated 3 times, giving you your 21 minute workout.
    BY San Fran Fitness
  • 25 Mins Slow Paced, Low Impact Rebounding for Clients With Restricted Movement & Medical Conditions

    At 110BPM, this bounce session is slowed right down using very small movements with your feet in contact with the mat for the majority of the time.

    This workout is one of many Claire and I are bringing out for those who have restricted movement due to an injury, obesity or other medical conditions, age or if you feel challenged with your balance. We want everyone to feel confident and comfortable using a rebounder.

    BY San Fran Fitness
  • Beginner Rebounding Workout with Stability Bar

    Today's workout is full cardio and I'm using my Leaps and Rebounds rebounder and a new stability bar they sent me to try out. No stability bar on your rebounder? No problem! I give you arm movements for each move. Haven't purchased your rebounder yet? Leaps and Rebounds: Use code BFB10 for 10% off! Please consult your doctor before beginning any new type of exercise. Equipment needed: Rebounder, water, towel, heart rate monitor
    BY Bounce Fit Babe
  • 15 Minutes Beginners Bounce

    In this 15 minute workout, Claire Francis from San Fran Fitness leads a Low-Impact Rebounding Workout that is perfect for beginners. If you enjoyed this workout, check out their Youtube Channel, they have over 80 workouts to choose from!
    BY San Fran Fitness
  • 15 Minute Beginning Rebounder Workout

    Today's workout is perfect for the beginner rebounder or anyone who wants more of a mild and simple workout for the day. This is a great low intensity steady state cardio, otherwise known as LISS. This is a great workout if you are just getting starting with rebounding or want to go back to the basics. I will be taking you through some basic moves, while teaching you proper form and keeping you safe. You will burn a TON of calories using a mini trampoline! Jumping workouts are good for your health and soul. Subscribe for more health and fitness videos:
    BY Renee Lynne
  • Beginning Rebounder Workouts: Playlist

    This is a Complete Beginner Rebounding Bounce 101 Playlist. Start with the second video which is a 5 minute warm-up and then pick one of the four 15 minute workouts. You can pick from: 15 minute Workout Pilates core, 15 minute Bounce with Weights, 15 minute Bounce Barre or a 15 minute Light weight Sculpt. Then, end your workout with the first video which is a 5 minute stretch. She us using a 48-inch Red Rebounder with our 48 Stability Bar.
    BY Angie Fitness
  • Workout for Beginners

    This is a 20 minute beginning workout. Naomi Joy walks you through the beginning rebounder moves while getting your heart rate up. She is jumping on a 48-inch red Leaps and Rebounds Rebounder.
    BY Naomi Joy
  • Sculpt and Tone Workout, no jumping

    This is a 30 minute, no-jumping strength training workout. You will need a rebounder and a set of medium hand weights or, some soup cans if you don't have weights. You can also do this workout without weights as well. Angie is jumping on a 48 Blue Leaps and Rebounds Rebounder. 

    BY Angie Fitness
  • Rebounding for Seniors

    This is a 15 minute Rebounding for Seniors workout by Marc Montemerlo. He is jumping on a Green 48-inch Leaps and Rebounds mini Trampoline.
    BY Marc Montemerlo
  • Ramp It up!

    This is a 15 minute Ramp It up workout by Marc Montemerlo. He is jumping on a red 40-inch Leaps and Rebounds mini Trampoline.
    BY Marc Montemerlo

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