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Hey guys Lindsay here! This 10 Minute Small Trampoline Workout for Beginners is a basic level rebounder routine that will give you a great cardio workout on the rebounder! This exercise routine will help you feel confident and comfortable jumping on your rebounder. I will give you detailed instruction on rebounder exercise form and what muscles you should be feeling. This class will also be a great balance workout for beginners. I hope you enjoy this workout and feel successful and sweaty at the end. If you do like this quick rebounder workout for beginners please subscribe to my channel it's 100% free. Lindsay is using our 40 blue rebounder.


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 Rebounder Warm Up - While on your rebounder, keep your core nice and tight while doing a walk and warming up your body.

10 Minute Small Trampoline Workout for Beginners Begins - push your feet while doing a march on your rebounder,bring your arms and legs together. tap your toe side by side while lifting your arm.

Round 2 - modified jack, on your rebounder move a little bit to the side and do a side kick and do it on other direction too

Cool Down - do a slow marching again to get your heart rate to slow down before you take a seat.


On a journey to share what I L-O-V-E most here with YOU! Creating workout videos that have us moving our bodies in new, unique and intelligent ways is my passion. I am a certified Pilates and Yoga instructor, but more importantly an adventure enthusiast, travel bug and mountain climber oh ya and a Wine lover ;) xx Lindsay Bushman My channel is created to be a resource for you! Free fitness motivation you have at your finger tips. Travel with me and we will keep fit on the way!

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