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Why We're Better

We know there are many other companies selling Fitness Rebounders, so what makes us different? Read below to see how we Leap ahead of our competition.

Our Competitors


Flimsy steel that easily warps or doesn't align properly.


Noisy metal springs or very stiff elastic bungees. They are very loud and harsh on your body.


Big gaps between jump surface and edge of frame, or flabby and delicate cover that provides little to no protection.

What We Do


We have heavy gauge steel legs and frame with a locking tab. It keeps the rebounder from bending or sliding while you jump.


Our Rebounder has Thick, durable, Bungees which are quiet and less jarring on your body and joints.


Our trampoline has a complete 360 degree padded protective jump surface that prevents your feet from falling into crevices and getting caught.

Did We Mention?


7 Vibrant colors to choose from, with colored matching bungees to choose from!


We are proudly the only company that offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Other companies give excuses while we simply provide service.


Our Rebounder is Lightweight!

Its easy to move and easy to store!

Leaps and ReBounds
Comparisons Chart

Overall Sturdiness
High Quality
Full Mat Coverage
Colorful Options
Colorful Bungees
Rebounder under $250
Full Lifetime Warranty
Leaps & Rebounds

Try Our High Quality Trampolines Risk Free!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Get your bounce on! Try Leaps & Rebounds for 30 days and see how you feel! If you don't absolutely love it, for any reason we'll refund your money!