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Welcome to the rebounder! This Basic Bounce routine is for a beginner who is new to the trampoline. We will work on alignment and getting you comfortable and confident on the rebounder. In this workout each move is 1 minute long and we will go through ten different moves. Looking forward to breaking a sweat with you! My favorite rebounder use this code LB10 for a 10% discount to be automatically applied at checkout: she is using our 40 blue rebounder.


Pilates On Demand with Lindsay


Scissors - bring the feet hip distance, right foot forward, left foot back then you switch left foot forward, right foot back. and continue to alternate.

Side to side - feet right in the center, as you jump on your trampoline jump one inch left , one inch right . if you want more intense you can jump side further. 

High knees - come to the center on your rebounder, alternating right knee left knee. you can keep your feet lower, if you're more comfortable you can bring those knees up.

Hip stretch - you're gonna sit on the edge of your rebounder make sure its nice and sturdy, plant your right foot on the floor, crush your left ankle over that right thigh . so you got a little window between your legs and you gonna start slowly leaning towards it. 


On a journey to share what I L-O-V-E most here with YOU! Creating workout videos that have us moving our bodies in new, unique and intelligent ways is my passion. I am a certified Pilates and Yoga instructor, but more importantly an adventure enthusiast, travel bug and mountain climber oh ya and a Wine lover ;) xx Lindsay Bushman My channel is created to be a resource for you! Free fitness motivation you have at your finger tips. Travel with me and we will keep fit on the way! Instagram: @Pilates.On.Demand

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