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CARDIO WORKOUT | GET FIT WITH ME - DAY 24 HOME WORKOUT Rebounder Tabata Workout. She is using our 40 green rebounder.





High knees - same as running man but this time make sure your knees are higher and lift on your waist while running on your trampoline.

Quick feet - run sideways on your rebounder and make a it a bit faster

Pendulums - while bouncing on your rebounder, move your legs side by side like a pendulums touching each other.

Butt bounce  - Basic bounce on your rebounder but make sure you focus the bounce on your butt.

Jog -  same as running man , but a little bit slower. (stationary jog on your rebounder)



I'm sharing my weight loss journey with you all and want to show all the tips, tricks and life lessons I learn along the way!! Follow along with me and let me know where you are in your journey!! xo


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