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Is rebounding for you? What kind of workouts do you recommend? So many more answers to this question and more!

What Is Rebounding?

Does Rebounding Really Work?

Rebounding is a unique form of exercise that is excellent for your health and well-being. It entails using a rebounder, which is a mini-trampoline, to rebound at high intensity or low impact depending on the desired workout. What makes rebound exercise such an effective form of physical activity is its ability to provide both aerobic and anaerobic benefits, as well as its efficiency in targeting the entire body with each jump. In addition to these advantages, rebounders make workouts challenging yet fun due to their bouncy surface, making them popular among athletes looking to get fit. Whether used in an indoor setting or outdoors, rebounders make it easy to get creative with exercises while providing great results in little time.

Is Rebounding Good For Weight loss?

Losing Weight.

Rebounding for weight loss is becoming an increasingly popular exercise choice. By rebounding, the body's acceleration with gravity results in a low-impact cardiovascular workout that utilizes all the muscle groups. Rebounding helps to quickly and efficiently burn calories during an intense rebounding session of about 15 minutes. With rebounding, you can expect to lose fat, tone muscles and reduce cellulite in the lower body.

Rebounding for Fitness.

Rebounding strengthens the heart and increases overall fitness levels. With this type of exercise regime, you are also able to work muscles that would otherwise be unused throughout the day resulting in toning and improved body shape. Ultimately rebounding is a great form of exercise for weight loss as it has relatively low impact on your joints while providing a great cardiovascular and muscular workout in fairly short amount of time.

Rebounding Exercise Infographic

The Difference

How Is Your Rebounder Different From Other Fitness Trampolines? We Take The Premium Materials For Our Fitness Trampoline Seriously

From top quality Stainless Steel Frames, to one of the best quality jump mats on the market we only use the best quality materials to improve your bounce experience.

We offer different Strengths of bungees so that you can tailor fit your workout to the firmness that you would like in a bounce.

We are constantly innovating new ways to make our rebounder stronger, safer, and more enjoyable for you.

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We Are Now On a Mission to Make Everyone A little Bit Healthier

Rebounding for just 10 minutes is equivalent to walking 30 with less joint stress, so anyone can get back into shape.

The Perks

Here's a few more reasons you should think of getting a Leaps and Rebounds bungee rebounder:
  • Bungees Rebounders Are Safer than Spring Rebounders
  • Bungees Trampolines Are Quieter than Spring Trampolines
  • Bungees Are More Durable Than Springs
  • Bungees Offer A Firmer, Superior Bounce
  • I'm On Board! But How Can I Purchase A Fitness Trampoline With Confidence?
Here's some things we offer just to put your mind at ease:
  • Unbeatable Value
  • Our Lifetime Warranty
  • Give our rebounder a shot. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. Leaps & Rebounds offers a 30-day risk-free return policy.
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  • Experience The Benefits Of Rebounding With Our Fitness Trampoline Today!
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Enter your fitness journey With Great Guidance

Here's a few more reasons you should think of getting a Leaps and Rebounds bungee rebounder:

Join us and our wonderful team of trainers with many workouts to get you started on your journey and keep you going all the way through. Check out some of our workouts here.

Rebounder Size Comparison

Which Size is Best for You?

  • Usually better for advanced rebounders because of smaller jump surface
  • Good for smaller spaces like city apartments or smaller workout rooms
  • Best for anyone who doesn’t feel like taking off the legs for storage
  • The more portable of the 2 sizes, RVers rejoice, you can work out in nature!
  • Better for newer rebounders because of more forgiving, larger jump space
  • Good for larger areas like gyms or large workout rooms
  • Good option for back yard use
  • Better for those still working on their coordination
  • Bigger size supports more weight

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