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  • Burn Fat and Tone Your Body with this 5-Day Rebounder Fitness Routine | Day 5

    Burn Fat and Tone Your Body with this 5-Day Rebounder Fitness Routine | DAY 5 Perform at your OWN Risk #reboundingfitness #rebounder #trampoline #health . She is using our 48 purple rebounder.

    BY Kate's Home Fitness

    I’ve created this TRAMPOLINE EXTREME WORKOUT PROGRAM in order to give people an option for a quick and effective energy boost that deliver results! In here you will find... Mini Trampoline -Rebounder workouts,Strength/Calorie Burn workouts,Core workouts and Sculpting workouts. Though it is resistance training that will sculpt your body it is very important to add the Aerobics/Cardio element into the program to help maximize fat burn, strengthen the heart and improve lung capacity. When combined together these Low Impact Workouts are made to help you get the best possible results in the least amount of time! In no time you will be able to climb a flight of stairs without getting winded and chase down your kids with out having to take a break on the park bench! The 4 week schedule is balanced between Strength/Sculpting exercises, Aerobic exercises and stretching. It is given here as a guide line that will show you how you can best progress from one week to the next. Customize You can also customize your own workout plan by adding or subtracting specific workouts from the program to help you meet your own individual fitness goals. The program also includes a warm up and a cool down that you should incorporate into starting off and ending any of the other workouts. "The program is designed to give you the flexibility to chose between the workouts individually or follow the 4 week rotational calendar. Angie is using our blue 48 rebounder.
    BY AngieFitnessTV
  • 15 Minute Bounce Barre with Lindsay Rosebush

    Today, Lindsay Rosebush from Pilates on Demand is teaching a 15-minute Bounce and Barre workout. She combines her background in Ballet and Pilates and mixes it with Rebounding. Join her in a leg and cardio killer, and feel so great after! Subscribe! ► she is using our 40 blue rebounder.
    BY Leaps and Rebounds
  • Burn Calories Tone Rebounder Fitness | Follow Along | DAY 1 | 16 Minute

    Get your body toned and moving with this Day 1 of 5 Rebounder Bounce FIT Series. Rebounder is a great way to move your body, it targets the Lymphatic System, Digestion and so much more. Perform at your OWN risk. #rebounder. Kate is using our 48 purple rebounder with T-bar. 
    BY Kate's Home Fitness
  • 15 minute | NO REPEAT | Rebounder

    Welcome to this all levels welcome fun rebounder workout. Perform at your own risk. I am not a fitness instructor, but I am a home workout enthusiast for over 25 yrs. Todays workout is 50 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. Heath Bounce Regular Bounce Light Butt Kickers High Knees Jumping Jacks Skiers Side to Side Hops Double X Bounce Wide Bounce Twists Tuck Jump Heel Click/Clap Run In Place Squat to 4 Bounce Health Bounce. She is using our 48 purple rebounder.
    BY Kate's Home Fitness
  • Rebounding And Yoga - Getting Some Air

    In this Fun and Energetic Rebounding and Yoga practice #8, we have an opportunity to get some air! It's just an option of course! I am using the Leaps and Rebounds 48" Rebounder & Love it! It's the perfect size for me to do Rebounding AND Yoga! If you're on a smaller Rebounder, be very mindful when doing the yoga poses section. Always listen to your body and your breath and find variations as you need to. Thanks for watching! Remember to Like and Subscribe! @pamelaoyoga ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Pamelaoyoga Disclaimer- Please consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. By participating in this practice or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and hold harmless Pamelaoyoga LLC from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of Pamelaoyoga’s negligence. ********** Want to take your YouTube channel to the next level? Get Tube Buddy! ********** yoga, pamelaoyoga, yoga for stress relief, reduce tension, yoga for better health, rebounding, leaps and rebounds, beginner rebounding workout, rebounding workout, bounce fitness, fun fitness, rebounder workout senior, full body workout, mini trampoline fitness, cardio fun, yoga stretching, rebounder yoga, rebounder yoga workout, beginner friendly, lymphatic health, grow stronger day by day, workout at home, low impact cardio workout, rebounding workout beginner, trampoline workout. She is using our 48 inch Purple Rebounder.
    BY Pamelaoyoga
  • TikTok Dance Party 15 minute full body workout

    This rebounding workout is all about having a dance party to TikTok 2022 hits. Trampoline fitness is the workout for you if you're ready to find joy in movement and see results that will last a lifetime. She is using our 48-inch Blue Rebounder.
    BY Jump&Jacked

    CARDIO WORKOUT | GET FIT WITH ME - DAY 16 HOME WORKOUT Rebounder Tabata Workout. Shirlina is using our green 40 rebounder.

  • One Direction Dance Party 15 Minute full body workout

    This rebounding workout is all about having a dance party to One Direction. Trampoline fitness is the workout for you if you're ready to find joy in movement and see results that will last a lifetime.
    BY Jump&Jacked
  • Rebounder Workout for Weight Loss

    Welcome to our Rebounder Workouts for Weight Loss! In this series, we'll be bouncing our way to a healthier, fitter you. Our fun and dynamic workouts are designed to help you burn calories, boost your metabolism, and lose weight while having a blast. Join us and let's get jumping! She is using our 48 blue rebounder.

    BY Jump&Jacked

    This rebounder workout is a 15 minute circuit style cardio and strength workout on the mini trampoline. Strengthen your heart and shoulders in 15 minutes. It is a fun cardio rebounding workout. You will build muscle, burn fat, and have FUN.  Grab your weights of choice and let's GO.
    Renee is using our 48 Pink Rebounder. 
    BY Renee Lynne
  • 15 Minute Beginner Rebounder Workout

    This trampoline routine is great for a person new to the rebounder or for someone who wants a simple routine to get the body moving and the blood flowing. 
    BY Lindsay Rosebush
  • 15 Minutes Beginners Bounce

    In this 15 minute workout, Claire Francis from San Fran Fitness leads a Low-Impact Rebounding Workout that is perfect for beginners. If you enjoyed this workout, check out their Youtube Channel, they have over 80 workouts to choose from!
    BY San Fran Fitness
  • 15 Minute Beginning Rebounder Workout

    Today's workout is perfect for the beginner rebounder or anyone who wants more of a mild and simple workout for the day. This is a great low intensity steady state cardio, otherwise known as LISS. This is a great workout if you are just getting starting with rebounding or want to go back to the basics. I will be taking you through some basic moves, while teaching you proper form and keeping you safe. You will burn a TON of calories using a mini trampoline! Jumping workouts are good for your health and soul. Subscribe for more health and fitness videos:
    BY Renee Lynne
  • HIIT Circuit

    This is a 15 Minute HIIT Circuit with trainer, Scott Francis from San Fran Fitness. He is working out on a 40-inch blue Leaps and Rebounds mini Trampoline with gray and blue bungees.

    BY San Fran Fitness
  • Bounce and Barre Workout

    This is a 20 minute Bounce and Barre workout. The instructor is Lindsay Bushman and she is jumping on a 40-inch blue Leaps and Rebounds mini Trampoline.

    BY Lindsay Rosebush
  • Rebounding for Seniors

    This is a 15 minute Rebounding for Seniors workout by Marc Montemerlo. He is jumping on a Green 48-inch Leaps and Rebounds mini Trampoline.
    BY Marc Montemerlo
  • Ramp It up!

    This is a 15 minute Ramp It up workout by Marc Montemerlo. He is jumping on a red 40-inch Leaps and Rebounds mini Trampoline.
    BY Marc Montemerlo

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