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Today, Lindsay Rosebush from Pilates on Demand is teaching a 15-minute Bounce and Barre workout. She combines her background in Ballet and Pilates and mixes it with Rebounding. Join her in a leg and cardio killer, and feel so great after! Subscribe! ► she is using our 40 blue rebounder.


Leaps and Rebounds


Health bounce - deep breath - inhale , exhale while bouncing on your trampoline. this is for our warm up.

Heel - hands on your hip or hands up and down do the alternate heel bounce by bouncing on your rebounder and bring forward your heel alternate as you bounce with it.

Side to side rocking - lets do the more advanced version of health bounce where both feet are lightly coming off that mini trampoline and start doing side rocking. remember close chain both feet stay on the mat and do not come off.

High knees  - lets do a jogging but we make sure that those knees are high above the hips. if we cant make it that high, that's okay. just bring your knee as high as you can.

Jumping jacks - bounce it out, bounce it in hands up, hands down.


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