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About the Workout

This is a 15 minute Rebounding for Seniors workout by Marc Montemerlo. He is jumping on a Green 48-inch Leaps and Rebounds mini Trampoline.


Marc Montemerlo


How to Start 

  • Start by standing on the ground and placing one foot on the Rebounder. Really check-it out and press just a bit on the Rebounder. Put a bit more weight then bring it back. This is a modified lunge, do this 4 times.
  • Face the frame and step up and turn to the center of the rebounder and face front. 
  • Step off the Rebounder and use your other leg and do a lunge for 4 counts. Then come back to the top of the Rebounder. 
  • Make sure to stay in the center of your mat. 

The Workout

  • Easy Sway. Start by slightly shifting your weight side to side, two bounces per foot. This is just a gentle sway and let your arms sway naturally. Make sure your core is engaged.
  • Easy Sway with more bounce. Add a bit more of a bounce. Your heart rate will start to go up. Start to lift up your heels as you alternate your weight, do this for 10 counts. 
  • Wide basic bounce. Keep your legs out and just bounce up and down gently. Don't raise your feet off the Rebounder until you feel ready. Make sure you find a spot to look at to keep your balance. Add some arms, push down, then up. 
  • Narrow basic bounce. Keep your feet and legs together and jump up and down. Add your arms to go up and down. Then speed up the arms a bit, and go back to slow. Do this 2 more times. Now bring your arms out and down for 4 counts and hold down for 4 counts. Do this 4 times. 
  • Narrow basic bounce twist. Keep your feet and legs together and just slightly twist your hips and your legs will follow. Add a double bounce, two bounces per side. If you're feeling confident jump up a bit more getting your feet to leave the mat. Add your arms, bring them up to your chest and down. Then do single arm and leg jumps. Do this for 10 counts. Then, go back to double bounces and bring your arms out. Do this for 10 counts. Then, go back to single arm and leg jumps keeping your arms going out and in. Then, go back to doubles. Do this whole sequence one more time. 
  • Easy Sway with two bounces. Go back to the easy sway. 
  • Jumping Jack. Bring your feet out and together. Wide and together. Make this a double bounce for both legs out and legs together. Then speed the legs up and do single bounces. 
  • Easy Sway with two bounces. Back to this move for 4 counts.  
  • Jumping Jack. Do this for 10 counts. 
  • Easy Sway with two bounces. Back to this move for 8 counts.  
  • Jumping Jack. Do this for 8 counts. 
  • Basic bounce with arms. Jump up and down with your legs slightly apart. Bring your arms up in front of you, out, in and down. Speed this up so each arm move has a count. Speed it up one more time. Do this for 8 times. 
  • Easy Sway with two bounces.  Increase the speed just a bit. Do this for 10 counts.
  • Modified Knee ups. Bring your legs closer together and start with just tapping your feet, then when you feel comfortable, lift your feet up slightly. If you feel more comfortable, try to bring your knees up. Then bring them back down for 4 counts. Then bring your knees up again for 4. Do this sequence 4 times. 
  • Wide basic bounce. Bounce up and down with your feet apart, wider than your shoulders. Make sure to keep your knees out and not in. 

Cool Down 

  • Bring your body to a stop and keep your feet shoulder-width apart. 
  • Side stretch. Bring your arms to the side to stretch out your back and do the other side.
  • When you step off your Rebounder, turn to the side of your mat, and look to the side of boundary and step off. Try this a few more times. Then try the other side.
  • Step off your rebounder and take a moment. Remember why you want to exercise. 
  • Take a deep breath in and bring your arms up and down. Do this twice. 
  • Bring one arm over to stretch, and the other arm. 
  • Place your hands behind your back and bring your hands together, and stretch out your back. Bend your knees and arch your back and reach up. Do this two more times. 
  • Keep one hand behind your back and bring the other hand to gently place against your head while you lean your head to the side. Do the other side. 
  • Interlock your fingers in front of your and push away from your body while rounding your back. Then, tuck your chin in and bring your arms up and down, breathe while you do this. Do this 3 times. 
  • Take a moment and be proud of yourself!

Trainer Info

Marc is a seasoned fitness coach which began in South Africa, when he was an officer in the South African National Defense Force.
He has presented in national and international fitness conventions and has been recognized as being innovative, inspiring and motivating.
He currently lives in Los Angeles. He does coaching and personal training in West Hollywood.

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  • Robin

    I would love some 10-20 minute classes that incorporate hand weights since that is so important for building and retaining muscles for seniors. I do appreciate the slow and steady pace of this workout! Thank you

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