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Welcome to my Trampoline Dance Workout/ Rebounder Cardio Workout/ Electro Swing! We will be learning three different dance combos on the mini trampoline. This workout is a mental challenge, as well as a great cardio workout! Learning choreography is an effective way to create new neural pathways- to improve coordination and memory. Dancing on a rebounder is a fun way to get your cardio in! I will teach you the complex moves first and then we will go through each 32 count choreography with lots of repetition. Remember that I had to practice these combos several times before I had them memorized!:) Practice makes perfect, but more importantly, have fun! Class starts with Warm up and ends with a cool down stretch. Enjoy! If you're looking to buy a new bungee rebounder I am affiliated with Jumpsport and Leaps and Rebounds. I have 10 percent discount codes for both companies (USA only). If you live in Canada and want to buy a Jumpsport I am affiliated with a small business in Ontario and I receive a small commission from sales. All the links and codes are HERE: I have the 48 Inch Leaps and Rebounds.


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Warm up -  on your trampoline, start with rolling your shoulder up and down, open your arm in A-frame posotion, stretch them all the way up each side.

Basic bounce - start with bouncing on your rebounder, make sure to bent those knees while bouncing.

Elbow Isolation - move your arm in front of you circulate like you are drawing a circle. switch to opposite direction.

Shoulder shimmy - bring your shoulder forward (shoulder isolation) one shoulder goes forward, one shoulder goes back. As your shoulder goes forward you're bending your elbow.

Twist - twist your arms side by side while bouncing on your trampoline. Arms are moving in opposite position of your body where you are facing.


I motivate people, of all ages and levels of fitness, to move—in whatever way they can! Here you can find FREE quality full length fun and challenging Rebounder/ Mini Trampoline workouts, as well as other classes ranging from strength, HIIT, cardio, pilates and more. I am a certified fitness instructor with over 14 years of teaching multiple styles of movement. I believe that you don’t have to fit a specific mould to be fit and healthy. Whatever your age, shape or fitness level, there is space for you in my classes to move, sweat, and challenge yourself.


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