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  • Rebounder Workout | Rebounder Cardio & Lower Body BOOTY BAND Sculpt

    REBOUNDER SCULPT PROGRAM. This CARDIO BOUNCE & BOOTY BAND SCULPT workout will get your blood pumping in 45 minutes. You will also get lower body sculpting using your rebounder and booty band. Put a HUGE smile on your face while getting your daily steps in too. Do this LOWER BODY SCULPT AND TONE workout first thing in the morning, afternoon lunch break or in the evening. CALORIES BURNED: Approximately 100-550.  Angie is using our 40 red rebounder.
    BY AngieFitnessTV
  • Rebounding Power Walking Routine To Help You Walk 1.5 Miles

    Elevate your fitness to new heights with the ultimate rebounder workout! This power-packed session of mini trampoline power walking and resistance band sculpt workout is designed to boost your strength, torch calories, and have a blast, all without high impact. Join us and experience the incredible benefits of this low-impact exercise that will sculpt your body and help you reach new fitness goals. Say goodbye to joint strain and hello to an exhilarating workout that will leave you feeling energized and accomplished. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your fitness level - join us today! Angie is using our 48 red rebounder.
    BY AngieFitnessTV
  • Trampoline Dance Workout/ Rebounder Cardio Workout/ Electro Swing

    Welcome to my Trampoline Dance Workout/ Rebounder Cardio Workout/ Electro Swing! We will be learning three different dance combos on the mini trampoline. This workout is a mental challenge, as well as a great cardio workout! Learning choreography is an effective way to create new neural pathways- to improve coordination and memory. Dancing on a rebounder is a fun way to get your cardio in! I will teach you the complex moves first and then we will go through each 32 count choreography with lots of repetition. Remember that I had to practice these combos several times before I had them memorized!:) Practice makes perfect, but more importantly, have fun! Class starts with Warm up and ends with a cool down stretch. Enjoy! If you're looking to buy a new bungee rebounder I am affiliated with Jumpsport and Leaps and Rebounds. I have 10 percent discount codes for both companies (USA only). If you live in Canada and want to buy a Jumpsport I am affiliated with a small business in Ontario and I receive a small commission from sales. All the links and codes are HERE: I have the 48 Inch Leaps and Rebounds.
    BY Naomi Joy Fitness
  • Trampoline HIIT

    This 45 minute high intensity interval workout on the TRAMPOLINE will challenge your stamina and improve your aerobic conditioning. I incorporate lots of jumping ab and oblique work in this routine! PUSH yourself during the 45 second interval and recover for 15 seconds before the next burst of cardio. She is jumping on a 40-inch Blue Rebounder. 
    BY Lindsay Rosebush

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