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Here is my Rebounding Mini Trampoline Workout // 30 MINUTE / All Cardio. This workout will be 25 mins of low impact cardio (complete with warm up), followed by a relaxing stretch We will be toning the upper body and increasing the challenge by adding light hand weights. I am using 3lbs (1.4 kg) in this video. I wouldn't go much heavier, as we're moving quickly and holding our arms up for an extended amount of time. If you're looking to buy a new bungee rebounder I am affiliated with Jumpsport and Leaps and Rebounds. I have 10 percent discount codes for both companies (USA only).If you live in Canada and want to buy a Jumpsport I am affiliated with a small business in Ontario and I receive a small commission from sales. All the links and codes are HERE: I have the 48 Inch Leaps and Rebounds.


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Warm up - we are going to start with a warm up . you can have your weights to the side. make sure your knees are bent slightly when we're bouncing we have a hinge from the hips. a little more weight in the heels. stomach are pulled in, shoulders are back and start bouncing in your rebounder.

Squat - hips are rotated out, and we're sitting down, standing up. squeeze to the booty and pull your belly bottom in.

Basic bounce - lets do a basic bounce on your trampoline, reaching and pulling, squeeze your shoulder blades together palms down and squeeze the upper back.

High knees - arms are moving forward and back while holding your weights. if you feel unstable you can just be tapping the foot forward and back.

Triceps - legs together arms down, turn to the side. and start pulling those weights focus in the triceps as you bounce in your rebounder.


I motivate people, of all ages and levels of fitness, to move—in whatever way they can! Here you can find FREE quality full length fun and challenging Rebounder/ Mini Trampoline workouts, as well as other classes ranging from strength, HIIT, cardio, pilates and more. I am a certified fitness instructor with over 14 years of teaching multiple styles of movement. I believe that you don’t have to fit a specific mould to be fit and healthy. Whatever your age, shape or fitness level, there is space for you in my classes to move, sweat, and challenge yourself.

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