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Here is my Mini Trampoline HIIT Cardio Workout // 30 Mins! My friend Hana Weinwurm will be joining us today! This mini trampoline workout builds in intensity and will definitely make you sweat! We will be working hard for 45 secs and actively resting for 15 secs. High Intensity Interval Cardio Training is an effective way to burn calories, as your body will continue to burn energy up to 14 hours after your exercise session. In order for this to occur, you do have to challenge yourself, so you are out of breath by the end of the interval. Please take more rest time if you have having difficulty catching your breath. To lose weight and build muscle, make sure you include strength workouts into your weekly regime. If you're looking to buy a new bungee rebounder I am affiliated with Jumpsport and Leaps and Rebounds. I have 10 percent discount codes for both companies (USA only).If you live in Canada and want to buy a Jumpsport I am affiliated with a small business in Ontario and I receive a small commission from sales. All the links and codes are HERE: I have the 48 Inch Leaps and Rebounds


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Squats- lets start with some squats, hip knees and toes are turned out slightly. as you sit back make sure your weight is in your heels spine is straight and chest is lifted.

High knees - now we're going to come into high kness. we're pumping the arms forward and back, leaning back slightly with the core pulled in. make sure when you're bouncing on your rebounder, your leg never locking out your standing knee.

Twisting - still on your rebounder , now we gonna do some twisting, elbows are high, arms are strong and we're twisting the lower body away from chest.

Sprints - this is a great way to get your heart rate up. lift your knees as high as you can, pump your arms forward and back. go back as fast as you can on your rebounder.

Criscross jack - criscross jack with a lat pull down, externally rotate your hip. squeeze your inner thigh together in center as the arms pull down hug the bottom tips of the shoulder blade together.


Welcome to my channel! My name is Naomi Joy Gallagher and I am passionate about fitness and movement! I am a certified Ace Personal Trainer, as well as a certified Mat Pilates and Yoga Instructor. I have a background in theatre and dance and have always been an artist at heart! I have been teaching since 2007 and have taught all types of classes, levels and age, including a popular rebounder class in Vancouver, Canada. I have always loved rebounding. In fact, I was raised on a trampoline! My Mom and Grandma would jump on a mini trampoline daily. When the pandemic began I started making weekly youtube rebounder classes. I have created a huge selection of different rebounder styles of classes. I also teach powerful strength classes, booty burning pilates and intense core workout! My workouts are challenging, effective and creative!

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