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About the Workout

This is a Complete Beginner Rebounding Bounce 101 Playlist. Start with the second video which is a 5 minute warm-up and then pick one of the four 15 minute workouts. You can pick from: 15 minute Workout Pilates core, 15 minute Bounce with Weights, 15 minute Bounce Barre or a 15 minute Light weight Sculpt. Then, end your workout with the first video which is a 5 minute stretch. She us using a 48-inch Red Rebounder with our 48 Stability Bar.


Angie Fitness

Instructions for Extended Stretch

    • Standing Calf Stretch: Start by standing on the Rebounder and bringing one flexed foot in front of you to do a standing calf stretch. Keep your other leg slightly bent while leaning over your stretched out leg. If you have a Stability Bar, you can place one leg on the bar and stretch your body over your leg. Do this for 30 seconds
    • Hip flexor Stretch: Bring that same leg behind you, do the toe of your foot touches your behind, or gets close. Use your arm to press into your leg to get a deeper stretch. Make sure your standing leg is straight and your core is engaged. For an extra challenge, put your hands on your hips to balance. Do this stretch for 30 seconds. 
    • Standing Calf Stretch other side: Do that first stretch but this time use your other leg. Do this for 30 seconds. 
    • Hip flexor stretch other side: Do this same thigh stretch but this time use your other leg. Do this for 30 seconds. Make sure your chest is straight while you do this to really feel the stretch. 
    • Spinal Rotation: Bring both legs out to the side in a deep squat with your hands pressed against each leg. Then, rotate your spine so you're looking behind you. Do this stretch for 30 seconds. Then, switch to the other side with your spine stretch and do that for 30 seconds. 
    • Forward bend: Bring your feet to shoulder width apart and then bend over from your hips and try to touch your toes. Rest your head and make sure there is no tension in your neck or shoulders. Relax and enjoy this stretch Do this for 30 seconds. 
    • Arch and bend stretch: Bring your feet a bit wider into a squat and bring your hands back to your legs and arch your back for two counts and then curl for back for 2 counts. Really dig deep into the stretch. Make sure to let your neck and head follow the movement as well. Do this move for 30 seconds.
    • Arm circles: standing up with your feet shoulder width apart, bring one arm up and make a big circle with your arm to go up and over your head, then switch arms. Keep alternating your arms for 20 seconds. Then, interlace your fingers behind your back and push away from your back while you arch your back, creating a nice back stretch. Do this move for 5 seconds. 
    • Head stretch: In the same position with your arms stretched out behind you, look over one shoulder, then look over the other shoulder for 5 seconds. After that, bring your ear to one side so your head is leaning to the side. Do that for 5 seconds then lean your head to the other side for 5 seconds. Repeat this one more time. 
    • Side lean: Bring your arms up and your hands together and lean over to one side while holding onto your wrist. Do this for 20 seconds and then switch sides. 
    • Over arm stretch: Bring one arm behind your head while pushing down on your elbow with the other hand. Do this for 10 seconds, then switch your arms for another 10 seconds. 
  •   Arm stretch: Bring your arms to your side and bring them all the way up over your head and then bring them down. Do this another time. 

You did it!

Trainer Info

Angie is a certified AFFA group fitness instructor, RYT 200 Yoga instructor, Comprehensive Balance Body Trained, Physical Therapy Assistant, Licensed Massage Therapist and is Certified in Functional Movement Systems. She teaches 2-3 group fitness classes per week on YouTube and Facebook. You can find her many workouts here. 

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