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About the Workout

This is a 20 minute beginning workout. Naomi Joy walks you through the beginning rebounder moves while getting your heart rate up. She is jumping on a 48-inch red Leaps and Rebounds Rebounder.


Naomi Joy

Start with an alignment check.  Make sure your pelvis is tucked before you bounce. Be careful not to arch your back when you bounce or over-tuck as well. Make sure your legs have a slight bend as well. 

Warm Up: 

Arm stretch: Bring your arms out and across for about 10 seconds.
Twist: Bring your arms out and twist your pelvis side to side for about 10 seconds.


Squat: Do 12 squats. Make sure your hips, knees and toes are turned out. We want to make sure that our feet are a little wider than our shoulders and your weight is in our heels.
Squat reach: Keep squatting and squat reach over to each side to elongate the sides of your body. Do this 8 times.
Jump it out: Bounce up and down and think about your pelvic floor. After a few bounces, step your legs out to the side and push down while you jump. Bring your hands to your hips or waist.
Jump for a minute, then add some arms. Reach forward with both arms and then pull in. Do this 20 times. Do 10 circles with your arms to finish it off. 
Push one heel down: Alternate your weight between each foot, while keeping your toes on the Rebounder. Do this for 30 seconds.
Heel down and in: Jump with your feet together, alternating again with each foot, then jump out. Do this for 20 seconds.
Squat swinging arms: Go back to our squat jumps while swinging both arms in front of you and down. Do this 10 times.
Heel touch: Bring your feet a bit wider and touch each heel to the side of the rebounder then bring your feet back together. You can put your hands on your hips for more stability. Do this move for 45 seconds. You can add “L” arms or a punch up. 
Squat twist with arms: Bring your feet a bit wider and keep jumping in a squat. Bring your arms up to the side of your body, while twisting your hips side to side. Do two bounces each side. Do this for 30 seconds, then single it out. Do this for 20 seconds and then go back to doubles for 15 seconds. Then go back to single jumps for 15 seconds. 
Jump punch: Bring your feet back out to the side and punch with one arm for 20 seconds. Switch arms and punch for another 20 seconds. Switch to four punches on each side then switch arms. Then do two punches each side, do this for 10 seconds then go back to single punches and do this 15 times. 
Forward and back legs: Bring one leg out to the front while the other leg is towards the back, similar to a small lunge. Make sure to swing the arms as well. And switch legs. After 10 seconds, bring the arms out in front of you and back. Do the leg movement for 1 minute.
Heel forward: Alternate bringing each foot in front of you while touching your heel to the Rebounder. Bring your arms out and crossed in front of you. Do this for a minute, then punch it out with the arms for 8. Then bring your arms back to the cross and side for 8. Repeat. Then do 4 arms instead of 8 for each move. Repeat.
Quick Feet: Bring your feet out to the side and do quick feet while bringing your arms up and down. Go at your own pace. After 15 seconds bring your quick feet in and then out. Do this for 20 seconds. Bring your feet out to the side and stop jumping. Do 4 squats or, if you’d like do a squat jump for 4. Then do quick feet again together and out for 10 seconds. Then repeat, go back to the squat jumps then quick feet. Do this whole sequence for one minute. 
Bended leg bounce: Bring your hands to your hips and jump with your feet shoulder-width apart for 30 seconds. 
One legged balance: Stop bouncing and keeping one foot on the Rebounder, bring the other leg up to a balance while bringing your arms to the sides. Make sure to keep the standing leg slightly bent. Do this for 10 seconds, then switch sides. Repeat. Do this sequence 3 times in all.
Single leg bouncing: Keep one foot on the Rebounder while you bounce and bring the other leg up and just touch your toe to the Rebounder. When you feel ready, bring that foot up. Do this for 15 seconds. Switch legs. Do 8 jumps each leg. Repeat this again, then jump 4 times and switch. Repeat this 3 times.
Narrow Bounce: Bring both feet together, jump up and down with your arms up and down, similar to a Pencil dive. Do this for 15 seconds.
Jack jumps: Jump with your feet out for two and your legs together for two. Bring your arms out and in at the same time. Do this for 15 seconds then single it out. Finish this move out and do it for 30 seconds.
Together leg jumps: Bring both legs together and swing the arms for 10 seconds, this is to get ready for sprinting.
Knee up jump: Alternate each knee up while you bounce and use your arms. Do this for 15 seconds. 
Jack jumps: Go back to your jack jumps but this time, don’t double it up. Do this for 15 seconds 
Narrow Bounce: Same as before, keep your feet together and swing your arms. Do this for 1 0 seconds. 
Knee up jump: Do this move again and make sure to push down through the feet. Do this for 15 seconds.
Repeat the whole sequence again.

Cool Down

Lunge stretch: Bring your trampoline to its side so you have a place to hold yourself while you balance. Bring one foot back and do a lunge stretch. Reach over with your arm and lean towards your Rebounder. Do this for 20 seconds 
Quad Stretch: Bring one leg up behind you and hold your leg to stretch it out. Do this for 20 seconds.
Forward leg stretch: Step back a bit from your Rebounder and bring one leg in front of the other to cross it. Then stretch your body over your leg. Use your arms to stabilize yourself. Make sure to bend the knees slightly. Do this for 20 seconds. Then switch sides.
Repeat the same moves as above on your opposite leg. 
Side stretch: Bring your feet shoulder-width apart, bring your hands out to your sides slightly and stretch your head over to one side for 5 seconds, then do the other side.

Great work! 


Trainer Info

Naomi Joy is a certified fitness instructor with over 13 years of teaching multiple styles of movement. She motivates people, of all ages and levels of fitness, to move—in whatever way they can! On her youtube page here you can find FREE quality full length fun and challenging Rebounder/ Mini Trampoline workouts, as well as other classes ranging from strength, HIIT, cardio, pilates and more.  She believes that you don’t have to fit a specific mould to be fit and healthy. Whatever your age, shape or fitness level, there is space for you in her classes to move, sweat, and challenge yourself.

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