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About the Workout

If you're an active ager or returning to fitness after a long absence, this rebounding workout video is for you! 20 minutes start to finish!

I go through the foundational moves and how to perform them correctly. I give MODIFICATIONS for every exercise.


Health bounce: With small deflated ball, put in between inner thighs, hold onto stability bar if applicable, feet hip width apart, press down into the mat adding a small bounce, chest open, shoulders level. Keep an even standing position with slight bend of the knee as you make the small grounded bounce. 

Knee bounce: legs wide, without a bounce lift knees up one at a time marching in place with or without stability bar. Start swaying side to side by pressing down into the mat focusing on balance and stability. 

March in place knee lift: lift up foot one at a time in a march in place standing position. Create a knee jab motion with arms swinging back and forth with each knee lift. 

March in place heel tap: lift up foot one at a time toward front of trampoline in a march in place standing position. 

Kick heels to back: holding onto stability bar or pushing hands back in skiing motion, row arms arm back with each kick of the heels to the buttocks. 



Trainer Info

Angie is a certified AFFA group fitness instructor, RYT 200 Yoga instructor, Comprehensive Balance Body Trained, Physical Therapy Assistant, Licensed Massage Therapist and is Certified in Functional Movement Systems. She teaches 2-3 group fitness classes per week on YouTube and Facebook. You can find her many workouts here. 


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  • Detra

    Back issues upper , lower and neck!! Any suggestions!! Hip pain!! Left Total Knee replacement!!

  • anna a

    The fundamentals are really appreciated at the age of 73 since returning to using the rebounder after a couple of years. Planning to subscribe and give a try to some of the other workouts, thanks!

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