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Elevate your fitness to new heights with the ultimate rebounder workout! This power-packed session of mini trampoline power walking and resistance band sculpt workout is designed to boost your strength, torch calories, and have a blast, all without high impact. Join us and experience the incredible benefits of this low-impact exercise that will sculpt your body and help you reach new fitness goals. Say goodbye to joint strain and hello to an exhilarating workout that will leave you feeling energized and accomplished. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your fitness level - join us today! Angie is using our 48 red rebounder.




Rebounder Cardio - Both feet on the ground soft bend on your knees, shoulders melted away from your ears. and lets do a little health bounce on our rebounder.

Rebounder cardio using a light booty band - put the resistant band around your legs. hands on your hips and do a in and out bounce.

Core sculp - on your rebounder, put your legs table top position. go up into boat pose and hold it for 8 seconds.

Side lying booty sculp - while lying in your trampoline, pick any side and put a ball between your legs and what you gonna do is squeeze with those legs.

Hip abduction burn  - put the resistor band in your ankle and lift them up while still lying in your trampoline and do a in out with your legs.push them 5 to 30 lbs depending on your band.


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