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About the Workout

Todays workout is perfect on 2 levels. One this is suitable for any beginner who wants to familiarise themselves with basic moves and get used to the Rebounder. Secondly, this can also be used as a rest day workout. We all have those days where we don't want anything too strenuous but we still want to do something. Well then search no further and try this workout. We have 7 simple exercises that will allow you to perfect your push technique and really become aware of what you are doing on the Rebounder. Think about each teaching point I give and use that minute and become one with your trampoline. Each move is performed for 1 minute and repeated 3 times, giving you your 21 minute workout.


San Fran Fitness


Basic bounce- Start with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands on your hips. You can also swing the arms if you'd like. Make sure there is a slight bend in your legs and your abs are tucked in. 

Rock out- Rock side to side for a brief second 

Toe taps forward- As the same stance as the basic bounce, bring one foot out at a time and alternate. Your can swing your arms as well. 

Rock out- Rock side to side for a brief second 

Double bounce out and in- Bring your feet out to bounce twice, then in to bounce twice. Make sure to push down into the trampoline and bring your arms out and in if you'd like. 

Rock out- Rock side to side for a brief second 

Heel Taps- Bring one foot out to the side, making your heel touch the trampoline. Keep your arms out to one side then switch to go with your rebounder. 

Side to side taps- Step side to side while swinging your arms


Trainer Info

San Fran Fitness is a family company run by Claire and Scott Francis. They both have a huge passion for healthy living and exercising, and love being able to pass on their enthusiasm to others. They offer fun and varied workout programs for all ages and abilities. Some of the videos they have on their YouTube channel are: Bounce Fit, Power Weights, Supple Strength and Low Impact Exercises. Enjoy their video and remember it's just a bit of fun! 

You can see more of their free workout videos here or if you really enjoy them you can sign up for their video streaming platform at £14 a month here!

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