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About the Workout

we are ramping things up with this 20 minutes rebounding workout today. This is the final week of this series and we are going to be having some fun with these workouts. There are 4 sections that we repeat twice and then for the final run through we put it all together.Claire is using our 48 green rebouder.


SanFran Fitness Rebounding / Trampoline Channel


Warm up - lets start warming by doing the basic health bounce on your rebounder. it will help our breathing and will prepare our body towards the rest of the workout.

Swing - while still bouncing on your trampoline we going to incorporate our arms by swinging it in motion together with the bounce.

Double jack - same as jumping jack but every 2 bounce. hands down - bounce,bounce. hands up , bounce, bounce.

Double heel dig - same position and sequence as jumping jack but you will not moving your arms and tap your heel instead every two bounce.

Wave - arms up and wave them left to right as you bounce with double heel dig.


SanFran Fitness is a channel dedicated to Rebounding and Trampoline workouts. We are a family company run by Claire and Scott Francis. We both have a huge passion for rebounding and love being able to pass on our enthusiasm to others. We offer fun and varied workout programmes for all ages and abilities. No matter whether you are just beginning with your rebounder or have been bouncing for years, we have plenty of classes to keep you busy.


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