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Jump on the mini trampoline and groove to some fun, hip hop, funk and soul music! This 26-minute mini trampoline workout is a great way to boost your mood and have some fun. Don't have a rebounder? No problem do it standing on the floor. Let's get moving and stay energized all day long with this fun, easy workout! This Fun Hip Hop Funk Soul Rebounder or Floor Dance Party is a great way to get your day started or end it. In just 26 minutes, you'll be getting your heart rate up and your muscles moving! This workout is perfect for all ages and fitness levels, so get ready to have a blast! Paul is using our blue 48 rebounder. 


Paul Eugene


Punky Walk - start with warming up on your trampoline by doing stationary walk.

Punky Bounce - basic bounce on your rebounder , you can also clap to the funky beat.

Step Touch- move your feet and step it left and right to the beat .

Shake it !  - think outside the box, shake your body from your hips all the way to your upper body . feel the music as you bounce on your rebounder.

All together now - lets use all the moves all together and incorporate them one by one to the beat of the music.


Welcome! This channel is all about inspiring the world to exercise body, soul and spirit regardless of your body shape, size or limited mobility. There are workouts for beginners, immediate and advance fitness levels. We are all amazing human beings with amazing stories, so I share stories of inspiration, courage to help you through your day. So subscribe now and be inspired to a better you in body soul and spirit.

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