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A 20 minute quickie workout that covers it all! Cardio and full body strength with medium dumbbells. She is using two 15 pound dumbbells for reference. Make the most of the days when you are short on time with this routine! Lindsays favorite rebounder is our 40-inch Blue. Use her code LB10 for a 10% discount to be applied.


Lindsay Rosebush - Youtube


Squats: Start on the trampoline, feet wider than shoulder-width apart. 
Wide jump: Add a jump to the squat and make sure to press down onto the rebounder. Use your arms to push down away from you 
Open-close: Jump out and then together. Add your arms that go out wards
Criss-cross Jacks: Start to cross your feet while you jump and bring your arms all the way up and then back down. 
Whacky-Jacks: Bring your legs out to either side and bring your arms out to the side as well and alternate. 
Weighted squat: Grab your weights and then start to squat again and make sure to keep your back straight. 
Weighted Squat hold: Hold your squat for 10 seconds while slowly rising up. 
High Knees: Go back to jumping with bringing up your knees in front of you, then bring your legs to the side and then cross them while touching your elbows to your opposite knee.
Hammer Curls: Grab your weights again and sit on your knees on the rebounder. While you bring your arms up to your shoulders, inhale, then exhale as you raise your hands down.
Over-head press: Bring your hands up above your head and then bring your arms out to the side, make sure to engage your core. 
Leg swing: Bring your leg out in front of you, then swing it behind you and make sure to engage your core. You should feel this in your hamstring. Then, switch the legs and make sure to jump in the middle of the mini trampoline. 
Across kicks: Bring one leg out to the side, then cross it across your body and then, switch. Keep your spine tall. 
Bulgarian Split Lunge: Bring your back foot on the rebounder behind you and then begin doing weighted lunges. Switch legs. 
Jump punches: Start to jump and press down into the rebounder, while punching out in front of you. Start to swing your arms across your body, then start to roll them while continuing to jump. 
and more! 

Trainer Information

Hey there! My name is Lindsay. I truly enjoy teaching everything in the realm of physical activity. I grew up dancing at Mark Spivak's Institute in Jacksonville, Florida. I studied under a Russian Prima Ballerina. I played soccer. I swam. My lifestyle at a young age is reflected in my work as an adult. Nowadays, I love yoga, hiking, running, art, and being a big sister! If I have one goal in my professional life it would be to inspire active, healthy living in today's youth. I completed my 450 hour pilates certification which compliments my teachings in every field due to the anatomical approach. Currently I work as a dance teacher, pilates instructor, yoga teacher and flexibility coach. My passion for movement will inspire you to achieve your goals. I love to make any positive difference to a client: in their day, in their body, and in their outlook. I look forward to meeting you and reaching the finish line- whatever that may be!

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