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About the Workout

This Cardio workout is 20 minutes of fun including the running man, jump rope, truffle shuffle, and more!




  • Running Man: Focus on form bringing core upper right, knees slightly bent. Legs alternate as if running and jumping in place at same time. Arms swing/ alternate with each jump 
  • Pool Jump: Jumping in place move your arms/ hands up and down with each hop in place
  • Jump: free-style jump in place, have fun with it!
  • Butt Bounce: Jump with feet staying planted on Rebounder creating a jumping in place pulse movement up and down. 
  • Jog: jog in place with a bounce 
  • Jump rope side 2 side: create jump rope hand positioning and jump up and down side to side on Rebounder with each jump
  • Truffle Shuffle: bounce, then touch foot heel to front of mat alternating with a swinging of the arms. 
  • Leg claps: raise knees/ leg up as high as you are comfortable with in front of you alternating. Clap hands under knee if able. 
  • Front kicks: kick leg forward with each jump alternating. Keeping that energy up!
  • High knees: knees up, chest up. Bring knees up alternating with each lift in front of you
  • Squats: positioned with feet planted shoulder length apart create a squatting position
  • Pool jump: Jumping in place move your arms/ hands up and down with each hop in place
  • High Jumps: jump in place creating your highest jump 
  • Pendulums: like a pendulum clock, swing one leg out to side of mat and bring back to switch off to opposite leg
  • Quick Feet: create a fast run side to side on your rebounder
  • Jump rope: create jump rope hand positioning and jump up and down 

Trainer Information

Hi I'm Shirlina! I'm sharing my weight loss journey with you all and want to show all the tips, tricks and life lessons I learn along the way!! Follow along with me and let me know where you are in your journey!! xo

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