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  • One Direction Dance Party 15 Minute full body workout

    This rebounding workout is all about having a dance party to One Direction. Trampoline fitness is the workout for you if you're ready to find joy in movement and see results that will last a lifetime.
    BY Jump&Jacked
  • Cardio Workout Get Fit With Me - Day 14 Workout

    Hi, I'm Shirlina sharing my weight loss journey with you all, and want to show you all the tips, tricks, and life lessons I learn along the way!! Follow along with me and let me know where you are in your journey!! xo This is Day 14 where we take it easy, but still incorporate awesome cardio on our Rebounder! Let's knock off any sickness! If every week was to look like this past week what would we look like or our health look like in the next 3 months? What kind of things can we change for the next week? 
  • Cardio Workout 20 Minutes

    This Cardio workout is 20 minutes of fun including the running man, jump rope, truffle shuffle, and more!
    BY ShirlinaFit
  • 30 min high-intensity full body rebounder | Full Body Workout

    Combine cardio moves on the trampoline with bodyweight strength movements to get you lean and toned!

    My favorite rebounder uses this code LB10 for a 10% discount to be automatically applied at checkout:

  • 30 Min HIIT Trampoline & Dumbbells

    If you just have half an hour and you want cardio and strength training then this is the workout for you! I am using 15lb dumbbells which is a medium set for me for reference. My favorite rebounder use this code LB10 for a 10% discount to be automatically applied at checkout:
  • Cardio workout with Weights and Ab Finisher

    This is Naomi Joys' Trampoline Cardio Workout With Light Weights/ Lower Abs Finisher. This workout will be 25 mins of low impact cardio (complete with warm up), with 5 mins of lower abs exercises, followed by a relaxing stretch. We will be toning the upper body and increasing the cardio challenge by adding light hand weights. She is using 3lbs (1.4 Kg) in this video. She wouldn't recommend going much heavier than that, as you want to focus on keeping your shoulders back and down. Form is everything! She is jumping on a 48-inch Red Rebounder.
    BY Naomi Joy
  • Intermediate and Advance Circuit

    This is a 30 minute Intermediate and Advanced workout led by Claire Francis from San Fran Fitness. She is jumping on a 48-inch Rebounder with Rainbow bungees.
    BY San Fran Fitness

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