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Join me for a full body strength and cardio workout using a long resistance band and a mini trampoline / rebounder. My discount code is LB10 for 10% off!
She is using our 40 blue rebounder. 


Pilates On Demand with Lindsay


Stretching  - hold the band straight up towards the ceiling lets take some side bends right to left. and when you do a side bend try not to twist your chest.

Arms - coming on the rebounder,  the rebounder is going to give us that instability. So we got arms going straight out in front of you , wrist face the floor, you're going to pull the band straight to the chest squeezing your back muscles together and then bringing them back forward.

Legs - starting to work into the legs, so as you pull the band to the chest , extend that leg right straight forward and then bend the knee as we bring the band back together.

Wacky jacks (cardio) - straight legs, they're going side to side try to stay parallel toes and knees forward. So from the side your legs are moving directly to the side of your body.


On a journey to share what I L-O-V-E most here with YOU! Creating workout videos that have us moving our bodies in new, unique and intelligent ways is my passion. I am a certified Pilates and Yoga instructor, but more importantly an adventure enthusiast, travel bug and mountain climber oh ya and a Wine lover ;) xx Lindsay Bushman My channel is created to be a resource for you! Free fitness motivation you have at your finger tips. Travel with me and we will keep fit on the way! Instagram: @Pilates.On.Demand

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