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Here are 5 ways that you can adapt a basic bounce to suit your level of rebounding. Whether you are a beginner or experienced rebounder, the basic bounce is our key move that we go back to time and time again. Understanding how to simplify or intensify your basic bounce can completely alter your whole workout experience. Lets us know in the comments below what moves you enjoyed and how you like to rebound. #reboundingtips #reboundingworkout #minitrampolines Click on the link below to access our FREE 7 DAY TRIAL on our SUBSCRIPTION CHANNEL for fantastic fitness videos not on YouTube like Bounce Fit, Power Weights, Supple Strength, Step and Low Impact Classes: Need a NEW REBOUNDER? Below is a link with 10% off on all Leaps and Rebounds mini trampolines available to those in the USA, plus you get 30 days FREE TRIAL on our subscription channel: She is using our 48 green rebounder.


SanFran Fitness Rebounding / Trampoline Channel


Breathing - sit on your trampoline as we do a breathing for warm up, take a big inhale and we're going to stretch up and invite all the positive energy for our workout. relax those hands on your thigh and do 3 big neck circles.

Basic bounce  - lets start with start bouncing on your trampoline hands on your hips and its okay to do bigger bounce since this is just a 5 min workout.

In and out - bring our feet out and in, out and in as we bounce on our rebouder.

Stretch - stretch your arms down,  take a deep breath in, arms overhead and exhale arms on by your side and do that again.

Roll - while still bouncing on your rebounder, I want you to roll your shoulders back and bring them forwrard and roll them forward. 

Side to side - with the same posture start doing side to side by stepping each foot in the side of your rebounder onle by one. 


SanFran Fitness is a channel dedicated to Rebounding and Trampoline workouts. We are a family company run by Claire and Scott Francis. We both have a huge passion for rebounding and love being able to pass on our enthusiasm to others. We offer fun and varied workout programmes for all ages and abilities. No matter whether you are just beginning with your rebounder or have been bouncing for years, we have plenty of classes to keep you busy. You can now become a member and get access to private classes that are longer, more varied and not just for rebounding. Take a look at our workouts of the month to see all the variety we have on offer for a small monthly fee.

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