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Combining Rebounding, Bootybands and Dumbbells is a sure way to ramp things up to an advanced level! You guys voted for the bootybands and dumbbells to make an appearance together and here they are! I have classes this workout as advanced but you may beg to differ, although personally for me this was a challenge! I have made sure that you can still enjoy this video if you only have 1 piece of equipment or maybe even non of the above. Make it your own. I am using a light fabric bootyband and 1kg dumbbells. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this, so drop me a comment below. She is using our gray 48 rebounder.


SanFran Fitness Rebounding / Trampoline Channel


Warm up  - this is a warm up so no bands and weights needed yet. while bouncing on your rebounder, lets begin with a gentle rock side to side .

Split Jacks - make sure you have a wide stance on the feet, and do a split jacks with the arms. a little tap on the toes, pulling up  through the cores.

Circles - were going to circle the arms, and the other way. do a full circle swing each beat of the bounce on your trampoline.

Scissor - Put your band on your hips while doing a bounce alternating steps.

Bicep curls - while doing scissors, lets introduce our arms by doing a bicep curl holding weights of your choice.  


SanFran Fitness is a channel dedicated to Rebounding and Trampoline workouts. We are a family company run by Claire and Scott Francis. We both have a huge passion for rebounding and love being able to pass on our enthusiasm to others. We offer fun and varied workout programmes for all ages and abilities. No matter whether you are just beginning with your rebounder or have been bouncing for years, we have plenty of classes to keep you busy. You can now become a member and get access to private classes that are longer, more varied and not just for rebounding. Take a look at our workouts of the month to see all the variety we have on offer for a small monthly fee.

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