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  • Intermediate Rebounding Workout with handle bar

    Today's workout is full cardio and I'm using my Leaps and Rebounds rebounder and a new stability bar they sent me to try out. No stability bar on your rebounder? No problem! I give you arm movements for each move. Haven't purchased your rebounder yet? Leaps and Rebounds: Use code BFB10 for 10% off! she is using 48 pink rebounder.
    BY Bounce Fit Babe
  • 20 min Bouncing Birthday Bonanza on our Trampolines

    Bouncing and birthdays are the best combination!! Today's workout is all about celebrating our love for rebounding as well as some birthday fun. Because we want rebounding to be for everyone, we have chosen to begin with some low impact moves that can be adapted to make a little more challenging, followed by some of our favourite / made up exercises to! Discover what are the "Tina Turner and Babs Fling" moves and just enjoy this class with us today. Scotti is using our 48 Gray Rebounder with our rainbow bungees. 
    BY SanFran Fitness Rebounding / Trampoline Channel
  • 40 mins Advanced Booty Band & Weights Rebounding Body Blast

    Combining Rebounding, Bootybands and Dumbbells is a sure way to ramp things up to an advanced level! You guys voted for the bootybands and dumbbells to make an appearance together and here they are! I have classes this workout as advanced but you may beg to differ, although personally for me this was a challenge! I have made sure that you can still enjoy this video if you only have 1 piece of equipment or maybe even non of the above. Make it your own. I am using a light fabric bootyband and 1kg dumbbells. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this, so drop me a comment below. She is using our gray 48 rebounder.
    BY SanFran Fitness Rebounding / Trampoline Channel
  • 32 Min Rebounding With a Booty Band

    Rebounding with a Bootyband is a fun way to make things for more challenging for the lower body. This has been an absolute hit with our members and they are crying out for more of this style of class. Using a booty band, we have lots of repetitions so be prepared to feel some aching muscles. Starting with singles, then on to double of everything, after is 4 and 8, so plenty of time to get to grips with the routine. She is using our 48 gray rebounder.
    BY SanFran Fitness Rebounding / Trampoline Channel
  • 30 Min Mini Trampoline Workout | Resistance Band Cardio

    A 30 minute nonstop no repeat Trampoline Cardio Workout with a Resistance Band! Each move is a 40 second interval and we seamlessly move from one exercise to the next to keep the heart rate up and ensure maximum calorie and fat burn! Sizzle Sizzle A great lower impact cardio workout. I am using a light/medium long theraband. My favorite rebounder use this code LB10 for a 10% discount to be automatically applied at checkout: Lindsay is using our blue 40 rebounder.

    BY Pilates On Demand with Lindsay

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