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After a gentle stretch and warm-up routine, Angie will take you through a complete cardio, strength and core rebounding workout with a huge focus on technique. Second, you'll learn how to keep your workouts safe at all times. Angie ensures you're aware of all the essential safety precautions you should take. Finally, the session ends with a cool-down and some light stretching.


Angie Fitness


 Health bounce with ball- Start with your feet shoulder-width apart and bounce with your ball in between your legs. Add some arms, roll your shoulders and bring your hands above your head. Then twist your body so your arms go side to side. Circle in and out with your arms again, making sure not to roll into your feet and being nice and even between. Reverse this move with your arms.
Bounce back and forth- Keeping your posture the same, jump forward and back while keeping the ball in between your legs. Make sure to roll your shoulders back so your posture is nice and lifted. If you want to make it a bit more challenging, bring your arms up and down as you jump. 

Side to side bounce- Now jump side to side while keeping the ball between your legs. Make sure to turn your torso to the side as you switch sides. You can put your hands on your hips if you'd like or add the swinging arms. 

Press down- Similar to the health bounce, this time bring your feet of the rebounder. Swing your arms up and down as you do this and make sure to have a bend in your jump. 

Side forward and back and forth- Jump your body to the side, then forward then to the other side, then to the back and the front. Make a "+" shape with your jumps. Make sure to keep the ball in place and your abs tucked in and your back straight. You can add arms if you want or keep them to the side. 

Weighted side to side- Stepping side to side on the rebounder, do a hammer curl and a bicep curl. Make sure to keep your shoulders down and your core engaged. 

Upright row- Now bring your arms up into an upright row. You can keep step touching or you can plant your feet while you do this. 

Overhead tricep extension- Bring your arms behind you with your weights and bring your arms up and down while you do this. 
and more! 


Trainer Info

Angie is a certified AFFA group fitness instructor, RYT 200 Yoga instructor, Comprehensive Balance Body Trained, Physical Therapy Assistant, Licensed Massage Therapist and is Certified in Functional Movement Systems. She teaches 2-3 group fitness classes per week on YouTube and Facebook. You can find her many workouts here. 

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