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A 30 minute nonstop no repeat Trampoline Cardio Workout with a Resistance Band! Each move is a 40 second interval and we seamlessly move from one exercise to the next to keep the heart rate up and ensure maximum calorie and fat burn! Sizzle Sizzle A great lower impact cardio workout. I am using a light/medium long theraband. My favorite rebounder use this code LB10 for a 10% discount to be automatically applied at checkout: Lindsay is using our blue 40 rebounder.


Pilates On Demand with Lindsay


Setting up band - Lets do this while we are on the rebounder and doing a bounce so we can warm up our body as we doing this. So you're going to put the band at the middle of your back right around the shoulder blades then bring the strap forward underneath your armpits and wrap your hands up with the tension of resistance band.

Basic bounce  - We're going to start to warm it up on our rebounder, shoulders down, elbows wide, step your feet about hip distance apart and do a basic bounce.

Jump punch - bring your arm nice close to you legs together you gonna jump right ,  punch right , all to the right for 40 seconds and do the same on the left.

Speed bag - speed bag on the right while left arm is still lifted. legs and arms are staying glued together and do this while bouncing on your rebounder for about 20 seconds.

Split  - split the legs a little wider than the hips. you're gonna jump forward punch forward on the right when your elbow pulls back in, jump back. micro bend in the knees, pick that pace up forward back, forward back elbows lifted while you are bouncing on your rebounder.


On a journey to share what I L-O-V-E most here with YOU! Creating workout videos that have us moving our bodies in new, unique and intelligent ways is my passion. I am a certified Pilates and Yoga instructor, but more importantly an adventure enthusiast, travel bug and mountain climber oh ya and a Wine lover ;) xx Lindsay Bushman My channel is created to be a resource for you! Free fitness motivation you have at your finger tips. Travel with me and we will keep fit on the way! Instagram: @Pilates.On.Demand

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