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Bouncing and birthdays are the best combination!! Today's workout is all about celebrating our love for rebounding as well as some birthday fun. Because we want rebounding to be for everyone, we have chosen to begin with some low impact moves that can be adapted to make a little more challenging, followed by some of our favourite / made up exercises to! Discover what are the "Tina Turner and Babs Fling" moves and just enjoy this class with us today. Scotti is using our 48 Gray Rebounder with our rainbow bungees. 


SanFran Fitness Rebounding / Trampoline Channel


Basic bounce - Lets keep it simple by doing a basic bounce on your rebounder with hands on the hips and bounce.

Tap - as you bounce tap your toes one by one as you do a back step on your trampoline. you can also incorporate your arms as doing the tap.

Knees - now we gonna work on our knees. as we bouncing, lets bring those knees up to our upper body if you cant lift those knees high its okay . just make sure we work on those knees every bounce.

Step - this is very easy and simple we just step side by side with our arms moving to the rhythm as well.

Kick - while bouncing on your trampoline use your legs to kick in front in and out with your hand moving.


SanFran Fitness is a channel dedicated to Rebounding and Trampoline workouts. We are a family company run by Claire and Scott Francis. We both have a huge passion for rebounding and love being able to pass on our enthusiasm to others. We offer fun and varied workout programmes for all ages and abilities. No matter whether you are just beginning with your rebounder or have been bouncing for years, we have plenty of classes to keep you busy. You can now become a member and get access to private classes that are longer, more varied and not just for rebounding. Take a look at our workouts of the month to see all the variety we have on offer for a small monthly fee.

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