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Combine cardio moves on the trampoline with bodyweight strength movements to get you lean and toned!

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Squat jump: Take it to 5 jumps down with legs wide and one full body weight squat. Bending of the knees sending hips back, release hands in front of your chest. 

Planted feet squat: After 5 jumps, breathe in plant the feet making 1 squat down, breathe out upon standing back up. 

Turned out jumping jack: Turn feet out, arms out for 5 reps. 

Sumo squat: After 5 turned out jumping jacks, land wide, chest up, plant the feet making 1 sumo squat down knees going wide.  

Front kicks: Bring legs in, 5 front kicks to the front, hands heart center, landing with legs together.

Narrow chair squat: After 5 sets of 5 front kicks, lean into a narrow chair squat by keeping knees close together, sending the hips back. 

End warm-up in chair pose squat: legs together, knees forward, hips back, hands together heart center

Mountain Climber: drive knees up toward your chest, arms alternating reaching for the top of mountain, eyes gazing up. Remembering to breathe in and breathe out. 

Decline Plank: Hands on ground directly underneath shoulders. Feet on trampoline. Bring right knee to elbow, step it back, left knee left elbow,  alternating. Remembering to inhale and exhale 

Cross body mountain climbing: Opposite knee to elbow jogging in place, lifting knees up, twisting through waist to work oblique muscles. 



Trainer Information:

Hey there! My name is Lindsay. I truly enjoy teaching everything in the realm of physical activity. I grew up dancing at Mark Spivak's Institute in Jacksonville, Florida. I studied under a Russian Prima Ballerina. I played soccer. I swam. My lifestyle at a young age is reflected in my work as an adult. Nowadays, I love yoga, hiking, running, art, and being a big sister! If I have one goal in my professional life it would be to inspire active, healthy living in today's youth. I completed my 450-hour pilates certification which compliments my teachings in every field due to the anatomical approach. Currently, I work as a dance teacher, pilates instructor, yoga teacher, and flexibility coach. My passion for movement will inspire you to achieve your goals. I love to make any positive difference to a client: in their day, in their body, and in their outlook. I look forward to meeting you and reaching the finish line- whatever that may be!


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