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In this episode, Marc teaches a leg workout on his Leaps&Rebounds rebounder with 4 of his best moves. All fitness levels are welcome. Go to and enter a coupon code MARC10 and receive a 10% discount and free shipping on any 40” & 48” rebounder! He is using our green 40 rebounder. 


The Fitness Academy


Basic bounce - Lets start with basic bounce on your trampoline but we doing it side by side in 4 directions. as you bounce lets switch direction to your right, back, left, front. and do it the other way around too.

Bicep curls  - Same as basic bounce but this time we will incorporate our arms by doing a lift and followed by stretched arms while bouncing.

Jog - bring those knees up as you jog on your trampoline and always make sure that you're landing those toes and leaning forward as you lift them.

Side to side - your feet still on those rebounder, shift your weight side to side in the same rhythm

Jumping jack - start activating out in the thighs. out your knees together in and out and add those arms up and down.


Welcome to The Fitness Academy channel. Our goal here is to share and showcase our workouts that are on offer at The Fitness Academy. Choose from these following channels: - Stretching to Cardio, - Balance and Agility, - Total body workouts, - Workouts for Seniors, - Foam Rolling and Stability, - Strength work with Resistance tubing, - Rockstar Abs and Core work. Go to: for further information.

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  • Alex

    40 inch – 250lbs
    48 inch – 270lbs

  • Cooper

    What’s the weight limit on mini and48in

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