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About the Workout

Watch coach Marc and Michael using our 48 inch blue and green rebounder and show some rotational exercises for creating strong powerful obliques.


Marc Montemerlo

Trainer Information

Marc Montemerlo owns his own fitness company, Marc Montemerlo Fitness. He specializes in small group fitness workouts, improving his clients lives daily through knowledge, motivation and coaching. His studio in Hollywood, CA. All fitness levels are welcome. Each session has no more than 8 clients per session, or if your prefer, one on one. All aspects of training are covered in sessions, namely: • Cardio on water rowers, Fitness trampolines and treadmills • Rolling out • Total Body strength • Flexibility • Core Jump on, Get fit and Leave happy!



1. put the ball  into your chest while sitting in the rebounder

2. move the ball side by side

3. if it gets difficult place your feet in the ground

4. push the ball into your feet

5. hold it for 5 secs

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