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About the Workout

Today's workout is a low-impact new bouncer beginner workout that is going to be perfect if you are still trying to get familiar with your equipment or if you want minimal impact. Handlebars are optional. Today is Pitbull theme, sing along if you know the words! 


Basic bounce: Start with your feet planted on the mat, feet shoulder-width apart.

Bring it up with side step/ heal step: Wide stance, hand/ arm swiping above, alternating with each side step. Hand swiping across, alternating feet tapping the side of the mat. Heels tap front of mat, opposite arm swaying cross body with each heel tap front of mat. 

Set of ropes: jump in place with arms in jump rope position. 

Hands to hips in and outs: have hands on hips, open and close stance moving feet in and out with each jump. Add arms pushing out with each jump out. Alternate arms going out with each jump out. Transition to double jump, arms out on second jump. Hands back to hips. 

Single single double: take single jump, double jump, walk it out with a side step. 

Repeat, Bring it up with step/ heal step 



Trainer Information:

Hey guys! My name is Sydney. I am super happy you’re here! Gymnastics was my one love growing up, but after retiring with a back injury, I struggled with staying fit and motivated. I came across rebounding one day, and my life was changed forever. Now, I am a Fitness Instructor Specialist and I help those who absolutely dread the gym, don’t have time for it, or seek low-impact workouts, learn how to make fitness fun so that they can reach their ultimate fitness goals! If you are ready to shift your mindset and get in the best shape of your life without sacrificing your lifestyle, let’s chat! I’m here to help.

You can find more workouts like this one and many different kinds of fitness related content in the on-demand library of my website however, I’d love to connect with you on Instagram or Facebook- @sydneystaubin!

😊  I am looking forward to catching you at the next workout!

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