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Rebounder Abs Circuit: 10-Minute Workout for a Well-Balanced Core - This rebounder abs circuit provides a well-rounded workout for a balanced and strong core. In just 10 minutes, you'll engage all major ab muscles through a series of exercises that challenge your stability and enhance your overall core strength. #rebounder #abs #10minutes *Perform at your OWN risk* She is using our 48 purple rebounder with T-bar


Kate's Home Fitness


Warm up  - start with the basic warm up and stretching while on a rebounder.

Stretch - stretch your arms down,  take a deep breath in, arms overhead and exhale arms on by your side and do that again.

Basic bounce  - lets start with start bouncing on your trampoline hands on your hips and its okay to do bigger bounce since this is just a 5 min workout.

Side to side - with the same posture start doing side to side by stepping each foot in the side of your rebounder onle by one. 

Breathing - sit on your trampoline as we do a breathing for warm up, take a big inhale and we're going to stretch up and invite all the positive energy for our workout. relax those hands on your thigh and do 3 big neck circles.


Welcome, join me in our home fitness journey. Together, we can move our bodies and improve our health. I hope you make yourself at home here. Please note that I am NOT a fitness instructor, but I am a fitness enthusiast. I decided to make this channel for family and friends (and YOU) and like-minded folks who would like to start working out but don't know where to start. So I am making these videos for them and anyone else who would like to get their bodies moving. Come as you are, try your best and do what you can, just get moving. Peace! #fitness

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