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In this Day 14 Rebounding And Yoga practice, we build strength in our body, then work on improving flexibility in the yoga section. We bounce for about 10 minutes and amp it up a bit with some HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Then we'll slow down and stretch with some yoga poses for about 12 minutes. Have Fun, Listen to your body, and appreciate how you feel afterwards! I am enjoying my the Leaps and Rebounds 48" Rebounder. It's the perfect size for me to do Rebounding AND Yoga! If you're on a smaller Rebounder, be very mindful when doing the yoga poses section. ***** As an Amazon Affiliate I may earn a small amount from any purchase - no extra cost to you! Leaps And Rebounds Mini Trampoline – she is using our 48 purple rebounder




- Easy bounces to warm up
- Shake out any tension in your hands or arms
- Wide double bounce and Easy bounce
- 16 count rhythm on wide stance bounces
- Diagonal 16 count rhythm bounces
- Diagonal single bounces
- Twist it out your way


Reduce stress and tension in your body and mind with weekly yoga practices and tips. Have fun and improve your fitness level with Rebounding Plus Yoga! Subscribe for weekly yoga videos to help you release stress, gain more strength and flexibility, improve your balance, or just feel better in your body and mind! Reduce tightness in your body with a Yin or a Myofascial Release practice. Enjoy more energy as you let go of stress and tension in a Vinyasa, Aerial Yoga, Hatha or Rebounding Practice! All levels are welcome including beginners. Yoga practices from 10 - 30 minutes, on average, are uploaded each week, as well as shorter videos with Yoga tips and techniques to help support you on your yoga journey. Thanks for your interest in Pamelaoyoga! Explore several of my different videos and playlists,...if it resonates with you, please Like and Subscribe! Namaste! With Love and Gratitude, Pamela @pamelaoyoga

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