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More Novel Ways To Exercise and Burn Calories

By Eyal Fatran | Feb 27, 2018

More Novel Ways To Exercise And Burn Calories

Remember those late summer days in your friend’s backyard where you’d jump on their trampoline for hours, launching each other up with those “super boosts?” Well, hopefully you remember that, because jumping on a trampoline is a great time! Little did you realize in your high-metabolism youth that you were actually burning a fair number of calories by jumping around and having fun. Well, here at Leaps & Rebounds, what we’ve managed to do is take that concept a little further. With our bungee rebounder trampoline, we’ve optimized that same childhood trampoline experience, providing a fun, easy and safe workout.

The Rebounder from Leaps & Rebounds

Curious about how jumping on a trampoline as a form of exercise even works? We’re glad you’re wondering. Learn more about the best rebounder trampoline on the market today.

As a continuation of our previous blog post about fun ways to exercise and get moving, we’re going to cover some more enjoyable activities that will have you wondering if you’re even burning any calories (the answer is yes, you are burning calories!).

More Novel Ways To Exercise And Burn Calories


For those uninitiated, geocaching is like a real-life treasure hunt involving GPS coordinates that indicate the exact positioning of...well, maybe not a buried treasure chest filled with gold, but something neat worth searching for. Geocaching might involve driving a great distance, but to really find the exact coordinates, you might have to hike your fair share of miles or explore on foot. Either way, we promise that you’ll have a great time with geocaching.

Standing at Your Desk

If you’re fortunate enough to have a hydraulic desk or a desk that stands at your workplace, this is a great way to move around a little bit and burn a few extra calories while you’re working the day away. Okay, admittedly, this isn’t the most fun conventional exercise alternative that we could come up with, but if you’re going to spend some 40 hours a week at your desk, why not get more out of your time?

Speed-Clean Your Place

We get it. You’re thinking, “Leaps & Rebounds’ idea of fun is standing at a desk and cleaning?” Not exactly; we’d rather be jumping around doing other things. But what’s wrong with being productive, enjoying your time and getting a mini-workout all at the same time? Challenging yourself to “speed-clean” your place fits the bill nicely. Though your rushed cleaning job might not result in the highest-quality work imaginable, it’s fun to slide around your wood floors in your socks while dusting furniture in your underwear. Please don’t judge us.

Take The Dog On A Walk

Your dog loves it. You love your dog. Oh, and did we mention that your dog loves it? If your fuzzy companion is cooped up at home all day while you’re working, do you and your pupper a favor by taking a nice leisurely walk in the neighborhood. Just make sure to use a proper leash.

Our Bungee Rebounder Is Ready For You. Are You Ready?

With the Leaps & Rebounds bungee rebounder, you’ll forget that you’re working out because you’re having such a great time! Learn more about our bungee rebounder today.

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