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Exercising Without Even Realizing That You’re Exercising

By Eyal Fatran | Feb 27, 2018

Exercising Without Even Realizing That Youre

Let’s be honest: not everyone actually enjoys exercise. In fact, most people rather despise it, even if the overwhelming scientific evidence suggests that exercise is objectively good for human health. Whether you’re crying your way through your treadmill jog or you’re darting off into the next aisle at the grocery store just to avoid your overly-enthusiastic fitness friends, there’s no doubt that working out can be a hard-earned, painful experience marked by profuse sweat and lightheadedness.

Jumping on a Rebounder Trampoline as Exercise? No Way!

Yet, at the same time, exercise makes us healthier, helping us breathe easier, feel happier, and overall, live significantly better lives. That’s not just our opinion, either. To us here at Leaps & Rebounds, you don’t need to be a muscular, marathon-crushing super-fitness-guru just to use and enjoy our fitness rebounder trampolines, either. To us, whatever it takes to get you moving - or in our case, bouncing - is all that really matters. People all around the world are discovering the fun-filled benefits of exercising with a rebounder, especially those with bad joints in their knees or people who simply hate running but want a good cardio workout. Indeed, our bungee rebounder is the perfect way to have fun and literally jump your way to better health.

Below, Leaps & Rebounders is going to cover some novel ways to get exercise. People who do any of these activities might not even realize that they’re exercising because they’re so much fun and enjoyable! If the benefits of our rebounder sound too good to be true, we understand - we’ve heard it before. Check out our high-quality exercise trampoline for yourself to learn more!

Exercising Without Even Realizing That Youre


If you’re an outdoorsy-person, hiking is a great way to burn calories while soaking in the wonderful sights of nature. While solo-hikes are a great chance for peace and reflection, only go out alone if you know what you’re doing. Otherwise, hiking with friends is the way to go. Why not share the experience?

Ping Pong

Ping pong (or as more serious players might say, “table tennis”) is actually far more physically and mentally demanding than most people realize. Requiring great levels of hand-eye coordination and foot agility at more competitive levels, don’t be surprised if you burn a few hundred calories after playing some spirited games. Even playing a few casual games - especially doubles matches where all four players are constantly moving around - is fair exercise.

Biking To Work

Okay, so biking might not be the most exciting thing for most people, but it is a great form of exercise and it’s also a low-impact cardio activity. And, by biking to work, you’re killing two birds with one stone. Just make sure to take a shower or freshen up before sitting next to your poor co-worker.

That Intimate Thing That Couples Do

You know...things like filing taxes, walking the dog, watching movies and whatever happens during the movie burns a surprising amount of calories and gets the heart rate going.

Jump On Our Exercise Trampolines With Leaps & Rebounds!

We’re dead serious about the workout that our mini rebounder trampoline will give you. Try it for yourself today! In our next post, we’ll continue with other fun and novel ways to get exercise.

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