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Where Will You Take Your Mini Fitness Trampoline This Summer?

By info leapsandrebounds | Jun 27, 2018

a person holding a signIf you’re like many Americans and those around the world — and maybe you are, maybe you aren’t — the chances are good that you’ll be going on some sort of vacation this summer. Now, based on the title of our blog post, you might be thinking to yourself, “I’m flying to another country this summer. Do you really expect me to take my mini fitness trampoline along with me, though mini as it is? That’s going to be a pretty tough carry-on sell.” Fair enough. You have a good point there, and even as fitness trampoline enthusiasts such as we are here at Leaps & Rebounds, you can’t always bring your mini fitness trampoline along with you.

Take Your Mini Fitness Trampoline On The Road With You This Summer!

But hey, if you’re road tripping around the country this summer and your vehicle allows you the space, why not bring your mini fitness trampoline along with you? Doing so will allow you to get some pretty epic “jump shots” in front of scenic places like the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, or even the Badlands of South Dakota.

Feature Leaps & Rebounds And Get A Free Fitness Trampoline

Did we say “free?” We did! By joining our passionate community of fellow rebounders, you can get your rebounder reimbursed by us. How, you might be wondering? It’s easy — simply feature Leaps & Rebounds by sharing a video review on YouTube and feature us on your very own website or blog. That’s it! Adding you epic photos of you and your friends rebounding at various epic locations around the country only makes your share even cooler.

Need More Bungees? Trade A Testimonial For A Free Bungee Pack!

At this point, it may seem like we’re just giving away our entire company for free. Really though, we’re just showing appreciation for our fellow rebounders — aka people like you! To get a free bungee pack courtesy of us, simply send in a picture of you or your friends using your mini fitness trampoline just like we mentioned above (again, bonus points for snapping a shot in an epic location brought about by a summer road trip!). Then, send us a testimonial based on your experience with the Leaps & Rebounds mini fitness trampoline. Finally, just give us a share on social media and voila! You’re all set. Really, who doesn’t like free stuff?

a person sitting on the grass

So, Where Will You Be Rebounding This Summer?

Summer seems to pass by in the blink of an eye when you’re having fun soaking up the sun and taking vacations. Don’t wait too long to plan a trip and visit our country’s lesser-seen places, and don’t forget to bring your own mini fitness trampoline along with you if you have the room. From the oceanside beauty of San Diego, CA to the 360-degree mountain views of Telluride, CO, we can’t wait to see where you’re going and what clever photos ideas that you and your friends have come up with!

Get Your Own Mini Fitness Trampoline Today!

Still in need of a fitness trampoline to take on the road? We got you covered. Shop our mini fitness trampoline today, or learn more about the benefits of our fitness trampoline.

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