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Why an Indoor Exercise Trampoline is Perfect For Everyone on Your Holiday Gift List

By info leapsandrebounds | Nov 12, 2020

Here are a few more reasons why we think our rebounders would be a great gift for every type of person on your list.

It’s that time of year again and the holidays are quickly approaching. If you’re like most people, you probably still have a lot of shopping to do and gifts to wrap. If the upcoming holidays are adding more stress to your life than what you’re already dealing with, we’re here to help. In today’s blog from Leaps and Rebounds, we would like to discuss why an indoor exercise trampoline is the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Keep reading to learn more!

An indoor exercise trampoline is a great gift option for adults and kids alike. Ours are quality-made, less expensive than many of the other models you’ll find on the market, and they come with a lifetime warranty. Here are a few more reasons why we think our rebounders would be a great gift for every type of person on your list. 


It probably goes without saying that an indoor exercise trampoline is a great gift for kids. In fact, you may already have one of those huge outdoor trampolines taking up most of your backyard. However, depending on where you live, it might sit there, going unused for half of the year. Why not keep your child from becoming a couch potato in the winter and buy them a rebounder from Leaps and Rebounds? 

It can keep them moving all year round, which is great for parents because it helps them to have a healthy outlet for all of that energy. Plus, who says mom or dad couldn’t use a little jump time to release some stress too? 


If you have an older parent or family member that isn’t able to get out as much as they used to, an indoor exercise trampoline is a perfect low-impact exercise solution. Rebounding has been shown to come with a wide variety of health benefits including improving circulation, improving heart health and memory, and even boosting the immune system — something we could all benefit from these days. What’s even better is that the design of the soft, stretchy mat and durable bungees provide a superb bounce without being hard on joints. This makes rebounding a better option for seniors, people with arthritis, or those recovering from an injury.  

Need a helping hand to steady yourself while bouncing? We also offer an optional, adjustable stabilizer bar with cushy foam handles to help you exercise safely. Pair it with our no-slip grip socks and you’ll be ready to go!

People Working From Home

 If you know someone who has set up a home office and spends more time than they should glued to their chair, an indoor exercise trampoline will be a welcome gift. 

Whether they’re missing their daily strolls around the office or used to have the benefit of a workplace fitness center, now that they’re working from home, they probably don’t get up and move around as much as they should. With a Leaps and Rebounds rebounder, however, they can take a quick 15-minute break whenever they need it and the quiet bungees won’t bother anyone else who may be working or schooling from home.

Our indoor fitness trampolines take up minimal space, and when you’re done, you can even unscrew the legs for easy storage in a closet.  

People Who Don’t Like to Exercise

Do you know someone who just hates to exercise? Maybe they find it boring, or they don’t like the thought of exercising around other people at a gym. Whatever the case, an indoor exercise trampoline is a great gift because it’s just something fun to do that doesn’t feel like exercise at all! 

Jumping for just 15 minutes a day is enough to boost your metabolism. Plus, you can do it in pretty much any room of your house or even jump while you’re watching T.V. Need a change of scenery? Take your rebounder outside, over to a friend’s house, or set it up in your family room, bedroom, or garage. The options are endless because they take up much less space than other types of cardio equipment and you can pick it up and carry it anywhere with just one hand. 

Check out our past blog titled “Try These Mini Trampoline Exercises For a 20-Minute Complete Body Workout”. Even for those who hate to exercise, an indoor exercise trampoline can make getting in shape fun and easy!

Someone Who Has Everything

Oftentimes the most difficult people to buy for are those who seem to have everything. We all know someone like this, and they’re the ones that make holiday shopping so difficult. This year, instead of getting them the usual gift certificate, why not buy them an indoor exercise trampoline? Chances are they don’t already have one, and they’ll be delightfully surprised that you were able to come up with a thoughtful gift that didn’t come in an envelope. 

Our rebounders can be customized for their needs and preferences. They’re available in two different sizes and come in seven different colors. They can even be customized further with the option to purchase nine different colors of bungee cords. Order a rebounder in their favorite color, or order a rebounder/bungee color combination that matches the colors of their alma mater. Whatever you choose, this is a gift that will be sure to please. 

More Reasons To Buy a Leaps and Bounds Indoor Exercise Trampoline

This year, many people are choosing to avoid venturing out to stores and instead are buying more of their holiday gifts online. And, hopefully, we’ve given you some great ideas for all of the people on your list. If you need just a little more convincing, here are just a few more reasons to buy an indoor exercise trampoline from Leaps and Rebounds. 

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  • 30- day risk-free return policy 
  • Do all of your shopping from the comfort and safety of home!

Visit our website to start your holiday shopping today!

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