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Why Jogging Isn’t the Best Form of Cardio

By info leapsandrebounds | Oct 5, 2018

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We’re not going to challenge the undeniable benefits of running or jogging in terms of effective cardiovascular exercise. Running is a great way to burn calories, overcome personal barriers, and strengthen your muscles. However, if we’re being completely honest, a lot of people — and we really, truly mean a lot of people — despite running. We don’t blame these rational individuals; there are many aspects to running that are less than desirable. Neigh, they’re downright miserable.

Where Running Fails, Our Mini Rebounder Trampoline Exceeds

Running has its inherent drawbacks and terrible qualities to the extent that we’re dedicating a blog post on the matter. As for a fun and heart-healthy way to exercise without destroying your joints and ligaments in the process? Our mini exercise trampoline and rebounder is the surefire solution to evoke your inner-child and experience the nostalgia that is bouncing on a trampoline. We don’t mean to brag too much but trampolines are awesome and we’re confident that you know it too. Don’t deny it!

Here are several reasons why you shouldn’t even think about going on a run and hopping on our rebounder trampoline instead.

The Impact Is Too High

Even the best running shoes on the planet with six inches of cushioning won’t nullify the joint-destroying effects of smacking against the ground every second. You can vary your surfaces but at the end of the day your feet and legs are constantly coming into contact with the ground and that’s going to take quite the toll on your knees, calves, and quads over time. Why beat yourself up?

You Have to Face the Weather Outside or Use a Treadmill

If it’s ridiculously hot outside or laughable cold and humid out, that’s a lose/lose situation right there. Either you’re going to profusely sweat and get sunburnt or breathe in air that’s so cold your lungs will feel like they’re starting to freeze. Perhaps you wouldn’t mind using a treadmill if you’re content with being bored and enduring the most repetitive experience of your life.

a person sitting on the grass

You Could Get Attacked By Wildlife

It’s not a common occurrence for most runners but it is possible to encounter a wild predator while out running on a trail. After the sun goes down, it’s going to freak you out when you look up from the ground and see nothing but multiple pairs of glowing eyes in the distance. Yeah, no thank you.

There’s no wildlife in the comfort of your own home where your rebounder trampoline is situated.

It’s Not Worth All of the Suffering

There are plenty of other cardio exercises that are more fun and engaging without the mindless boredom and suffering of running such as tennis, soccer, basketball, or even riding your bike. At least those activities are competitive or more engaging.

Have Fun and Get In Shape With Our Rebounder Trampoline!

Up your heart rate without even leaving your home. Better yet, have fun while you’re doing it! Learn more about the best mini exercise trampoline on the market here at Leaps & Rebounds.

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