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Who Is Our Mini Fitness Trampoline Geared Toward?

By Eyal Fatran | Jan 16, 2019

Who Is Our Mini Fitness Trampoline Geared Toward

In short, if you’re looking for a great, fun way to get in shape and improve your cardiovascular (and muscular) fitness without the high impact of running, our fitness trampoline is perfect for you. Looking for a longer answer? Well, you’re in the right place, because that’s exactly what today’s blog post is about.

Our Fitness Trampoline: Designed For YOU!

Learn more about what people look for in a fitness rebounder trampoline and who our mini fitness trampolines are designed for by reading below, visit here for even more information, and then get your own! Let’s get started.

For Those Who Want To Have Fun

When people think about jumping on a trampoline, it generally invokes feelings of nostalgia and the carefree wonder of jumping on backyard trampoline as a kid. Though our rebounders are significantly smaller than what you’d see in someone’s backyard, we want you to apply that same mindset to rebounding as a form of cardiovascular exercise.

Running can be boring, repetitive, and plain miserable for many folks. Biking is great, but it also gets old whether you have your own setup or you’re just using a stationary machine at the gym. But rebounding? That’s something different and refreshing.

For Those Who Want Low-Impact Cardio Exercise

Compared to running, rebounding is much, much better on your muscles, ligaments, and joints. Though you’re jumping and landing on our mini fitness trampolines, the impact itself is absorbed. We can thank this highly effective impact absorption to our durable bungee design and use of our sure-foot, zero-stretch and UV-resistant jump mat that’s guaranteed to safely support you for years to come. Our carbon steel frame is also a major contributor to our sturdy and solid structure.

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For Those Who Don’t Want To Be Pinched By Metal Springs

Speaking of our durable bungee design, you’ll also love these small but mighty components because they’re never going to hurt you. Ever get a finger or a toe caught in a traditional metal spring on a trampoline? Yeah, that’s no fun. That’s something that you’ll never have to worry about by using a L&R rebounder fitness trampoline.

For Those Who Don’t Want To Venture Outside

Another plus of our mini fitness trampoline is that you can use it within the indoor comfort of your home, office space, or wherever you please. You don’t have to go outside to use it unlike a regular bicycle, or subject yourself to using a treadmill (boring!). How’s that for convenience?

For Those Who Want A Highly Portable Exercise Solution

Our rebounders are only 40 inches and 48 inches in diamter, and because they’re so lightweight, they’re easily portable and will seamlessly fit many vehicles. Take your trampoline wherever life takes you!

Rebound Your Way To Better Health In 2019. Get Started Today!

Why wait? We’re ready for you! Learn more about our community discounts, stabilizer bar, and bungees for a cardio experience that we know you’ll fall in love with. We’ll see you up in the air soon!

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