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The Origins Of Rebounding: The History Of Trampolines

By Eyal Fatran | Jan 26, 2018

History of Trampolines

Here at Leaps & Rebounds, we often instill a wave of nostalgia in our customers when they first hear about rebounding exercises. “Seriously, you can jump on a trampoline and get fit in the process? Sweet!” And while our fitness rebounder trampolines for sale are a little bit different than your conventional indoor or backyard trampoline that you jumped around on as a kid, the experience is a very similar, as is all the fun you’ll be having! We’re proud to offer the best rebounder trampoline on the market, and we’re always excited to share the love and fun of rebound fitness with friends, family, and readers like you!

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Again, while our mini rebounder and rebounder trampolines don’t use the same mechanical springs that other trampolines do (for a number of good reasons, more on that later!), it’s fair to say that we’ve drawn some inspiration from the old school trampoline. But just how did the trampoline come to be as we know it today? Are you able to pinpoint the history of the trampoline? We hardly expect that to be common knowledge, and that’s why we’re taking a good look at the history of the trampoline in today’s blog post!

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The Origins Of Rebounding: History Trampolines

Early Trampolines And Their Purpose

While trampolines are commonly used for recreational purposes - and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that - they were initially developed as training tools. Various rebounding devices have actually been used for centuries, though modern trampolines as we know and love today have only been around for a relatively short amount of time.

Indeed, ancient depictions of trampoline-like devices have been discovered in places like China, Egypt, and Iran, although very little is known about their original use.  Various archaeological experts hypothesize that these early trampolines may have been used for celebrations, religious ceremonies, or, hilariously enough, to get a better look at a sporting event or game in a large crowd of people. Though their original purpose is unclear, the evidence suggests that trampolines did, in fact, play a central role in the lives of people in ancient societies.

Trampolines In...Alaska?

No one automatically associates Alaska with trampolines, but the Inuit people used trampolines as a sport activity as well as a survival tool. Composed of walrus skins, these early trampolines tossed people up in the air. Without mechanical springs or bungee cords, one person would fit on the skin while several other people tightly held the edges. With one sweeping motion, the surrounding people would launch the seated person into the air. Why? Well, catching air is pretty thrilling, but this was primarily done to spot dangerous animals from a safe distance. After all, polar bears are nothing to mess with.

Stay Tuned For More Trampoline History

Though the exact origin of later trampolines is a bit of a mystery, our fitness rebounder experts are going to continue touching on the history of the trampoline in our next blog post. Curious about what rebounding exercise can do for you and your health? Leaps & Rebounds would love to help! Check-in with us in the near future to learn more about the history of the trampoline, and in the meantime, shop our bungee rebounder trampoline today!

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