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The Best Exercise for Seniors could be Rebounding

By info leapsandrebounds | Aug 3, 2022

old lady bounces on rebounder


   It is never too late to start exercising! Senior citizens who work hard throughout their lives may find that they need a little extra help in maintaining health when aging. However, regular exercise can be beneficial even for seniors with limitations on how far or fast they are able move themselves during physical activity. Rebounding is an excellent form of exercise that offers many health benefits without putting seniors’ safety at risk. Our rebounders provide a simple workout routine, which can be easily incorporated into your everyday life so you don't have to miss out on any time spent outside! While you can’t reverse aging, we can avoid the symptoms of the aging process

Exercise with ease 

As we age, our bodies become more fragile. Senior citizens are susceptible to high impacts that can strain joints and muscles especially in their legs which makes it hard for them continue with simple exercises like walking around the house or yard without hurting themselves. Rebounders allow seniors to continue their exercise routines without worrying about causing harm. They provide a responsive surface which absorbs the impact so that joints won't be jarred by excessive force and help prevent injury for those who may have difficulty balancing or using muscles due to old age. 


Ease of use 

 Seniors will find that rebounders take up little space and can be stored easily. They also come with the added bonus of being able to exercise indoors or outdoor, depending on your needs! The bounce is also easy to perform; low-impact exercises don’t take too much practice. Seniors can watch television or make phone calls while rebounding, making it possible for them not only add this type of activity into their daily routine but enjoy doing so!

Safe to Perform 

The mini trampoline is a great way to get some fun exercise in, but it can be risky if you're not careful. The low height of the rebounder makes them easy for seniors with limited mobility or confidence when exercising on their own without help from others! As long as they follow proper setup procedures and watch out for safety hazards during use (such as keeping your balance), I don't see why anyone would have any problems bouncing around today.

Boosts Confidence and Balance  

old man jumping on rebounder  The rebounding exercise is a great way for seniors to work on their balance and get benefits both in the gym, as well outside of it. Our mini trampoline allows them an opportunity that's forgiving if they happen fall down. When seniors start to feel less capable, it can have a devastating effect on their mental health. They may believe that they're old and unable for whatever reason- this is not true! With regular exercise comes the opportunity of increased confidence as well as improved self esteem which will help them continue living an active lifestyle into old age where many people struggle due lack physical movement or coordination problems caused from arthritis in later years. 

Strengthens Your Body

Rebounding is a great form of exercise for people who are looking to alleviate their aches and pains as they age. It doesn't just help one area, it benefits the whole body because rebounding motions apply not only your knees but also other joints such as backs or shoulders which may be experiencing discomfort due those issues too! In order to make exercise as effective for you and your specific needs, it is important that the type of activity be tailored towards what's causing discomfort or pain. From this point on in life we will focus more specifically on exercises designed with one goal: helping out all potential areas where tension could develop!

 Improves Elimination and Digestion 

Senior citizens should make as much use of the nutrients they take in, but slowed digestion can slow down this process and eliminating waste afterwards is also difficult. The digestive system relies on intestinal muscle movement which may be hindered by aging; it needs to have a certain level so that food doesn't get stuck inside your stomach or intestines! Rebounding helps regulate these movements allowing you to eliminate without any issues.

 Reduces Blood Pressure and Increases Blood Flow

The older you get, the weaker your heart becomes and that can make it hard for blood pressure to stay under control. Other factors such as increases in weight or chronic illness may also contribute significantly towards high readings on a regular basis. Rebounding is a low-impact form of aerobic exercise that allows seniors to increase their heart rates without the strain from other activities such as running. In addition, rebounding can help break apart stuck together blood cells and reduce risk for hardening arteries. Rebounding exercises are an excellent form of exercise for seniors with or without cardiovascular conditions. They help increase blood flow, which can improve your overall health by providing chemical balance in the bloodstream - leading to fewer dangerous side effects like pain and inflammation. 

Promotes Brain Function 

  The brain is dependent on good circulation, so when that isn’t happening it can lead to issues with focus and memory. When there's not enough blood flowing through your body or even just one area where you need more oxygen reaching cells in order for them work properly then these parts of our nervous system will be impacted as well. Rebounding can help reduce the risk of developing more serious conditions such as vision changes, lack of coordination and muscle weakness. More severe side effects include headaches that won't go away even after treatment with medicine or surgery; these symptoms could be prevented by keeping your blood flowing properly via bouncing around. 

Fun to do!

   Rebounding is an easy and fun form of exercise that helps seniors stay active even if their bodies aren't feeling well. It takes away the stressors in regular workouts for people with disabilities or aged-related diseases, which makes them more likely to continue rebounding as opposed doing something else they may not enjoy so much! Senior citizens who are looking for an exercise option that has many benefits should try rebounding. It's a great way to stay fit and healthy while having fun!

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  • David Coggeshall

    How much?

  • Gary Boonzaier

    I’ve not been able to get any exercise that I enjoyed as a younger man. I did cross-country and marathons, played water polo and surfed as well as scuba diving.
    The area I live in is too dangerous for us minority.
    I’ve recently started doing exercise on the rebound trampoline and I’m feeling the benefits already.
    To all the oldies out there. Try it it’s AWESOME

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