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How Does Your Body Respond To Rebounding?

By Eyal Fatran | Mar 29, 2018

How Does Your Body Respond To Rebounding

Here’s the answer, in short: very well. On a physiological level, the human body truly reacts very well to rebounding exercise. With the power of an exercise trampoline, your muscles will strengthen, your immune system will improve, and hey, even your mental state can improve. After all, who actually felt worse after jumping on a trampoline for awhile? It’s bound to make us feel better, inside and out.

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If you’re skeptical about the benefits of rebounding — or you’re just curious about how rebounding positively affects the human body — you’re in the right place! This is your body on rebounding.

How Does Your Body Respond To Rebounding

Increasing Your G-Force

You might not be subjected to the same G-forces as an F1 driver or an astronaut (which is probably a good thing!), but rebounding does, in fact, provide an increased level of G-force. This results in the strengthening of your musculoskeletal systems. Who doesn’t want that?

Protecting and Strengthening Your Joints

You’d think that repeatedly jumping and landing on something over and over might wreak havoc on your joints, but that’s not the case with exercise trampolines. Because the soft surface dips down and fully absorbs your impact, rebounding is much different than running or jumping on a hard, static surface like the road or a sidewalk.

Lymphatic System Benefits

Crucial to your circulatory and immune system health, your lymphatic system needs to thrive. Jumping on a fitness trampoline from Leaps & Rebounds helps aid your lymphatic system by stimulating the millions of one-way valves found within the lymphatic system. Regarded as the body’s internal “vacuum cleaner,” think of rebounding exercise as an effective way of cleaning out the “filter,” so to speak.

Strengthening Your Endurance Potential

If there’s one thing you still remember from learning about basic cellular biology back in grade school, it’s probably the mitochondria — i.e., the powerhouse of the cell. It’s such an educational cliche that it’s become an internet meme, but mitochondria count is very important nonetheless.

After rebounding for roughly 20 minutes at moderate intensity, your mitochondria production is stimulated, increasing the mitochondria count within your muscle cells. As it is understood in exercise science, this is essential for endurance.

Fighting Fatigue

As a fun and enjoyable way to exercise, rebounding helps fight fatigue because it tones the glandular system. Rebounding increases the output of your thyroid gland, pituitary gland, and your adrenals — helping you restore energy.

Stay Tuned For More Rebounder Trampoline Physiological Benefits!

Rebounding is truly incredible. It’s fun, easy, safe, and packed full of health benefits for your body and mind. In our next blog post, Leaps & Rebounds will continue touching on more physiological benefits. In the meantime, learn more by checking out our rebounder trampoline!

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