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Fitness Trampolines And Things That Are Better Than Running

By Eyal Fatran | Mar 21, 2019

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Those who truly enjoy running tend to be a bit more on the crazy side of things. Logically speaking, it simply doesn’t make sense to find joy in repeatedly pounding your feet and legs into the ground for countless miles. And don’t get us wrong; we have nothing but respect for track runners, distance runners, cross country runners, and even your everyday Joe who decided to start training for a local 5k.

Cardio Doesn’t Have To Mean “Running”

Getting outside and being active is important no matter what your modality of exercise is. Of course, we’re partial to our rebounder trampolines for sale here at Leaps & Rebounds, and that’s largely because you can get a great workout in while having fun in the process! That’s more than a lot of folks can say about running outside or going to the gym.

At the expense out outright bashing running (read here for another snarky anti-running post), our fitness trampoline company offers several things in life that are much better than lacing up your shoes and pounding the pavement.

What We Enjoy More Than Running

Long Walks On The Beach

It’s important to note that walking is not equivalent to running. All able-bodied people in every walk of life can’t avoid walking; it’s simply an essential part of living. Fortunately, walking long distances can actually burn a significant amount of calories. Plus, unlike running, the relatively low impact of walking means that you’ll preserve your bones and joints.

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We’re sure that running on the beach is fun (although challenging given the sand), but nothing beats a long, contemplative walk on the beach.

A Lazy Saturday Morning Watching Cartoons

Remember when you used to wake up extra early as a kid and watch Saturday morning cartoons? Well, you can still do that as a fully grown adult, and you can even sleep in a little bit more.

To not feel totally guilty about wasting away your Saturday morning, we recommend sliding over your mini fitness trampoline and rebound on it for an episode or two. That way, you’re burning calories and strengthening your muscles while entertaining yourself. Win/win!

Mindlessly Eating Ice Cream

Eating ice cream is great for two of many reasons: for one, it’s not running. The second reason? It’s ice cream. Better yet, packing on those delicious, empty calories will further motivate you to hop on your rebounder trampoline and get moving.

Awkward Weddings

Weddings can be very fun and meaningful events. That’s how they should be, but the truth is that weddings can also be quite awkward. Even with a strange ceremony, a weird food menu, an uncomfortable dancefloor and a budget, last-minute DJ, we’d still rather dance the night away than run a few miles. We’d even consider bringing one of our fitness trampolines to the reception because even though we’re not running weirdos, we’re still weirdos nonetheless.

Hate Running? Rebound On Our Mini Fitness Trampoline!

Preserve your joints and tap into your inner nostalgia with the power of our rebounder trampolines for sale here at Leaps & Rebounds. Learn all about our signature fitness trampoline today!

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