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Using Our Mini Fitness Trampoline Versus A Treadmill

By info leapsandrebounds | Feb 19, 2019

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We must start this blog post with a brief warning: in case you didn’t already assume this, we’re going to be heavily in favor of using one of our mini fitness trampolines over a treadmill for general exercise. Whew. Now that we got that off of our chests, we can begin our biased ramblings as to why rebounding is a superior form of exercise as compared to hitting the treadmill.

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If at any point below you go, “I’m pretty sold on the idea of using an exercise trampoline for fitness, but what makes Leaps & Rebounds the ideal choice in rebounder trampolines?”, this page will be incredibly valuable to you. And hey, no pressure or anything, but our February sale will give you five percent off any of our 40” rebounder models. All you have to do is use the promo code “FEBRUARY5” at the checkout. We’re just saying.

Anyway, here’s our take on the treadmill vs rebounder trampoline dynamic.

Enjoyment vs No Fun At All

It’s understood that about five minutes of vigorous (but fun!) rebounding on a trampoline is roughly equivalent to about one mile of running. Do you have fun running one mile? Unless you’re a crazy runner (in which case, why are you here? You don’t use the treadmill anyway, you simply run outside no matter what the conditions are), you’re going to enjoy rebounding a lot more than pounding your feet on a treadmill.

Cost Effective vs Costly

If you only spend $200 on a treadmill, what you’re getting down the line is a headache. Why? Because a treadmill that cheap is going to break down and cause you issues. A good quality treadmill usually runs several hundred dollars more, and that’s not even a top-of-the-line treadmill.

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But our fitness trampoline for sale? $200 will get you more than our rebounder, because it’s currently on special at $179.95. That’s with free shipping, a 30-day jump trial, a lifetime warranty, and premium-quality materials that are designed to last. It’s really hard to beat a deal like that!

Joint-Preserving vs Joint-Damaging

Rebounders are designed to safely and effectively absorb the impact of you jumping. Ever tried running on a treadmill hard? It feels like it’s going to fall apart, and so do your legs once you’re back home sitting on the couch. Rebounding truly is the most brilliant form of low-impact cardio exercise.

Engaging vs Mindless

Jogging on a treadmill isn’t just damaging to your joints and shins. It’s about as mindless as cardiovascular exercise gets. Rebounding may be repetitive, but the temporarily feeling of weightlessness as you defy the laws of gravity is an experience that a treadmill could never provide.

Lightweight vs Back Breaking

Our mini fitness trampolines are sturdy when in use, but incredibly lightweight and easy to move. Ever tried to move a treadmill? Enough said.

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Have fun. Get in shape. Avoid injuries. Enjoy yourself. What more needs to be said? Check out the Leaps & Rebounds fitness trampoline for a lifetime of improved health and fitness.

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