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Alternatives to Hitting the Gym

By info leapsandrebounds | Sep 27, 2018

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It’s not uncommon for most people’s gym membership cards to just sit there and collect dust over time. In January, here you are excited about holding yourself accountable to your New Year’s resolution of losing weight and getting in shape. Your local gym, as many gyms tend to do at the beginning of the year, runs an enticing promotional deal and it’s an offer that you can’t pass up.

After five to six weeks go by, you notice that most of the new gym members that joined when you did are gone. At this point, the hardcore gym rats are all who are left and they’ve reclaimed the gym now that the post-New Year’s resolution membership rush has died down. In other words, now things are getting a little weird.

Exercise Your Way With Our Rebounder Trampoline

Let’s be honest: sometimes, working out at the gym is uncomfortable. Perhaps you’re more of a lone exercise enthusiast, or maybe you just want to up your heart rate without strange looks from people. At Leaps & Rebounds, we totally understand where you’re coming from, and that’s why we’ve perfected the bungee technology behind our mini exercise trampolines. Small enough to throw in the car with you on your adventures and able to handle any workouts that you throw at it, rebounding is the perfect way to feel like you’ve hit the gym...without hitting the gym.

Here are some great exercise alternatives that don’t involve facing your social anxiety and awkwardly walking through those gym doors.

Skip the Elevator and Walk

In your day to day life, you might be surprised at the number of opportunities that you have to walk instead of driving or taking the elevator. If you work or live in a building with multiple stories, take the stairs.

a person sitting on the grass

Do Pull-Ups and Other Plyometrics at a Local Playground

You might get some strange looks hitting the monkey bars at your nearby park, but hey, it’s better than seeing “that one guy” at the gym that makes you feel more self-conscious than you should.

Speed-Clean Your House

What’s the ultimate form of productivity? Cleaning all of the things and burning a fairly significant amount of calories in the process. If you have a smartwatch or a fitness watch that’s capable of quantifying your activity, you could even make this experience somewhat of a game. The best part? You don’t have to leave your place!

Take a Hike

Tell the gym to figuratively take a hike by literally taking a hike.

Create a Mini Home Gym With Our Fitness Trampoline

You don’t need massive, expensive gym equipment to get a good workout in at home. With your mini fitness trampoline as your centerpiece, make an investment in dumbbells, a stability bar, kettlebells, and a cushioned yoga mat for stretching and bodyweight exercises. This at-home setup means that there are no excuses not to get moving!

Rebound Your Way to a New You!

Bouncing on our mini fitness trampoline is fun, easy, safe, and extremely effective. What’s not to like? Learn more about the L&R rebounder bungee trampoline today!

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