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Get Started With Some Of These Rebounder Exercises

By Eyal Fatran | Dec 30, 2017

Get Started With Some Of These Rebounder Exercises

The beauty of a rebounding trampoline is that you can exercise at your own pace and intensity while also having fun in the process. Perfect for nearly anyone at any fitness level, there’s an ideal workout out there that will leave you feeling exhausted yet satisfied, wondering where the time went due to the fun you’ll be having. Most people tend to view exercise as a dreadful experience, but here at Leaps & Rebounds, we’re changing people’s attitudes about exercise and fitness - rebounding is more fun than you think!

The Best Indoor Exercise Trampoline Is Here To Help

While there are many online resources to guide your way to total rebounding fitness, we figured that we’d give our readers a few workouts to try. These workouts are suitable for just about any fitness level, and again, our rebounding fitness experts really think that you’ll enjoy these! If you have not yet locked down on our cardio trampoline, shop our jumping fitness trampoline today.

First Time Rebounders

Is this your first time rebounding? Excellent. Between heel lifts, light jogging and light bounces, this gentle but challenging workout will get your heart rate going and your whole body moving. Start with heel lifts by bouncing up and down gently, alternating lifting your heels off of the surface. Be sure to keep your soles on the rebounder. Then, pick up the pace by bouncing a bit higher and at a quicker pace. Keep lifting your heels alternately while keeping the soles of your feet on the surface. Now, you’ll move onto full-on bounces, but jump lightly, keeping your feet no more than four inches off the surface.

Get Started With Some Of These Rebounder Exercises

Refining Your Rebounding Skills

If you’re ready to take your rebounder workout to the next level, start with a jog, progressively working your way up to a brisk pace. To make the jog more challenging, try gradually lifting your knees higher. After jogging, begin jumping on the rebounder, keeping your feet no more than six or so inches off the surface. You can keep your arms at your side, or for a more challenging upper body workout, keep your arms stretched out to the side.

Becoming a Rebounding Pro

For those who are already fit or are considerably experienced with rebounding, doing higher jumps and (safely) adding weights into the mix can be very effective. Making sure that you have plenty of space around you, jump as high as you can while lifting your knees upward. Keep your arms stretched out to work out your upper body and maintain your balance. To add weights to your rebounding workout, simply hold a standard dumbbell in each hand while you bounce to better work your muscles. Consider starting with lighter weights, but lift your arms above your head as this will tone your shoulders and arms. Holding your arms to the side will also tone up your chest.

Getting The Most Out Of Our Cardio Trampoline

Fitness isn’t an easy journey, but our trampoline workout at Leaps & Rebounds is fun and effective. For the best trampoline workout at home, look no further than our signature rebounder.

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