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Top 10 Gifts For Fitness Lovers

By Eyal Fatran | Nov 27, 2019

Top 10 Gifts For Fitness Lovers

The holidays are coming up quickly, and you may already have plans for spending time with friends and family, attending holiday parties, work events, and listing out ideas for gifts. Despite the season being all about spreading good cheer and sharing, deciding what to give people can be one of the most difficult parts of the holidays. Friends, family, co-workers, extended relatives — even though we spend so much time with these people, it can still be hard trying to find something that they will truly enjoy and use.

As you’re making your lists, think about what they enjoy as hobbies, or the sort of decor that is around their house or apartment, these kinds of insights can help you make a great choice. If someone in your life enjoys fitness, whether it’s going to the gym, running marathons, or taking yoga classes, there are dozens of perfect gifts that they can use as they’re working out.

The staff at Leaps and Rebounds are passionate about fitness, and we love just about everything that has to do with getting our bodies in shape, being healthy, and living a high-quality life, including our rebounder trampoline. If you have someone on your list that loves fitness as much as we do, here are some of the best items that they will love opening up on Christmas morning.

Gym Bag

Everyone needs a quality gym bag to carry shoes, clothes, snacks, and other essentials. There’s no shortage of options when it comes to gym bags, though, so what should you look for? Find a bag that has a comfortable carrying strap, both an over-the-shoulder strap and handles. The bag should have a few pockets and compartments on the sides and top of the bag. If possible, find a bag with a dry compartment for clothes that may be sweaty.

Wireless Headphones

There’s nothing more frustrating when you’re trying to get a good workout in at the gym while listening to some tunes, and you have to carry your phone around at the same time. Even when gym clothing has pockets, the cord from the phone to the headphones often gets tangled and in the way. Wireless Bluetooth headphones are the perfect solution. There are a variety of brands that all easily connect to music apps so the fitness-lover can start working quickly and without hassle.

Resistance Bands

A set of resistance bands and related accessories are an incredibly versatile gift for anyone who wants to target certain muscles. Get a set that includes several different bands so the user can customize their workout. Some sets include a clip-on system so that handles or ankle straps can be attached to the band. Most sets will come with a carrying case as well to keep all of the accessories together.


Even though socks have a reputation for simply being gag-gifts in stockings, for the fitness-lover, a good pair of socks will be greatly appreciated. But don’t just grab a package of the cheapest socks you can find. There are plenty of fitness socks that anyone would look to have in their drawers. Look for pairs with arch support, blister tabs, and no-slip technology. Leaps and Rebounds offers a pair of no-slip grip socks that feature rubber grips on the bottom, making them perfect for working out around the house.

Foam Roller

Anyone who loves fitness is familiar with muscles that can be sore and stiff after an intense workout. A foam roller is an incredible tool to have around when tight muscles need to be massaged in order to promote blood flow and to help the muscles heal naturally. As with any gift, there are dozens of options to choose from. If you want to take the gift to another level, find a vibrating roller with different settings, depending on which muscles are being massaged and how sore they are.

Personal Blender

Blenders have a tendency to be bulky, require various parts, and just not worth the time or space. But a personal blender that makes just enough for one person, and also features a portable bottle so the juice/smoothie/shake can be taken with you — now that’s worth it. The user can quickly add their favorite healthy ingredients, blend it all together, and head out the door in no time at all.

Yoga Blocks

The staff at Leaps and Rebounds considered adding a yoga mat to the list, but decided that a mat is an incredibly personal choice, so it’s best to let them choose their own. However, if the receiver loves yoga or is just getting started with their practice, there’s nothing better than some yoga blocks. Choose blocks that are strong and durable, yet soft and supportive. Better yet, they’re an affordable gift option too!

Running Gloves

People who love to run, love to run no matter the weather outside. But on days when the wind is cutting and the temperatures are freezing, a good pair of running gloves is the perfect accessory. But just like socks, don’t go with a cheap pair that will fall apart in the washing machine. Look for a pair that is durable, offers reflective details, can be machine-washed, features a side pocket for keys, and has a touchscreen material on the fingertips.

Water Bottle

No matter what activity they love most, it’s essential for fitness-lovers to stay hydrated. Finding a great water bottle can be tricky, but look for one that can be easily sipped (or chugged) from, is easy to carry or to attach to a bag or backpack, and definitely one that is dishwasher-safe. Consider the size as well, it shouldn’t be so big that it’s awkward, but not too small so that it doesn’t hold enough liquid.

Rebounder Trampoline From Leaps and Rebounds

Now we might be a little bit biased, but we think this is the best item on the list. A rebounder trampoline is a great way to get in an awesome workout in your own home; it’s durable, quiet, takes up just a small amount of space, and is incredibly fun! The Leaps and Rebounds rebounding exercise trampoline features:

  • Easy to assemble parts
  • Screw-in legs
  • Zero stretch mat
  • UV-resistant mat
  • Strong and smooth bungees that hold up to 250 pounds

Whether the person on your list is just starting their fitness journey or has been enjoying fitness for years and wants to expand their at-home gym, the Leaps and Rebounds rebounder trampoline is a perfect choice for a holiday gift. We also carry a variety of accessories, including socks, stability bar, and clothing. Shop Leaps and Rebounds for all of your holiday gift-giving!

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